Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Pinned it, Did it!} Homemade Stain Remover

Hi, I'm Kate and I pit out shirts.

It's true!

Oh did we just meet?  So sorry!  But it's true!  I can't help it.  My husband does too.  Oh, but he is waaay worse!  I am sure he will appreciate me sharing his shirt pitting out abilities on the internet!  Ahahahaha!

So with two pitter-outers in the house, I was pretty excited when I found this recipe for a homemade stain remover on Pinterest, of course.  Did you see it, too?
This pic is from One Good Thing by Jillee (she did a full test and even has pic of her own before and afters!)

So I read the blog post here.  I saw the pictures.  They were good.  Convincing-good!  But I was skeptical.  I mean, we're talking about my pit stains.  And don't even think I haven't already tried everything to get rid of them.  Especially these (brace yourself, it's gross).

In the past, I have made concoctions of you-name-it and left it sit or soak overnight.  Basically I was putting in more effort than the old shirts were worth.  

Until this week, that is!

I mixed up a little "shot" of this:

Put it on the pits.  Rubbed it in real good.  I did find that using a brush to scrub the mixture in had considerably better results.

My shirts started like this:

Now the AFTERS!
now, it's not totally gone but what is left is in the seams.

My husband's looked like this!!  I only did one pit so I could see the difference.  And it did require two washings.  The second time, I used the brush.
After one wash:

After two washes:
There are only traces of stains left on this one.  They are deep in the seams.  But the shirt is wearable again.

I am amazed!!! We will be switching to this as my main numero uno stain remover!!!  And seriously, it must cost pennies, too.  Now, should I do the other pit on my husband's shirt????  Ha- I owe him that I suppose for plastering his pit stains on my blog without him knowing about it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your pitting issues to benefit the rest of us! I need to try this ASAP. The hubby and I both have this issue. You have saved our tshirt collection.

  2. I had this pinned as well but glad to know it worked so well!

  3. WOW oh WOW! I am so glad you tried this and passed on the info to your readers!!! I am totally going to do this right now!!!

  4. Hey, just trying to help out! Even if I have to show my pit stains- ha! All in the name of blogging.

  5. Hi Kate. Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is so pretty! This is def. a problem in our house. I pinned this (now if I can remember to do it...)

  6. Oh my, this is awesome, thanks so much for sharing it!! I'm happy to be your newest follower. Karah

    1. Thanks Karah! (p.s. couldn't email you is a noreply-comment email address.)

  7. Hi! I JUST pinned this today, so I was glad to see your experiment and results! I am SO going to do this. BTW - peroxide gets out blood- even old blood! It bubbles up just like it does when you put it on a scrape - gross, I know. BUT it is amazing stuff!

    I just stopped over to visit, since you left a nice comment at Revisionary Life!

  8. I am pinning this and trying your technique.

  9. BRAVO Kate! It's fun to see someone ELSE'S results with this as well! Amazing huh? It's also nice to see someone else exposing their pit stains to the world! lol.

    Long live Pinterest! Long live homemade stain removers!


  10. Amazing! I had not seen this yet but am trying it this weekend on my husbands shirts! I was about to toss all his pit stained shirts but you have saved them! Thanks so much! Stopping by from the Sew Can Do Party! I hope you will come join in to My Favorite Things Friday Party too!
    I look forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve(since we've seen what's under them lol. Have a great day!
    aka Cameron

  11. can this also be used on colored t shirts? i have tried everything to get some old stains out of my favorite pink shirt and nothing works! i want to try this but i am scared it will mess with the color.

    1. You know, one of the shirts I tried was a light pink and there was no problems with it. Also since I found this on Pinterest... the blog where I found this (link is in above post) used this on a dark blue shirt and she reported no problems!

  12. I just tried this after seeing it on pinterest. While I was posting it on my own blog, I ran across your link. Hope you don't mind, but I linked it in my post. After all, I did not take such amazing awful...I mean, lovely pictures. :)

    So far, this is the best tip I've gotten off of pinterest, and that's saying a lot. :)


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