Monday, May 7, 2012

Balance on my Brain (oh, and where I have been!)

Wow!  I am seriously wondering how I have been able to stay away from my blog for so many days!  I know, it has actually been a couple of weeks.  Or three.

So here's what happened:
I was getting ready for my mother-in-law to visit.  I had several posts half-written and a couple ready to publish.  My intention was to schedule out a bunch of posts and I imagined I would have all.this.extra.time to write/craft/blog/etc. during her 2-week visit.  Welllllll.....not exactly the case.  Remember I also said how I stack our schedule FULL when we get family to come visit (aka help)?  And that is what happened.  It was constant.

Got a haircut (the big one, with cut and color and all).  Got to attend our kids' school auction night with my husband!  Volunteered my turn in the church nursery.  Went on my daughter's field trip (which is a big deal because you can't bring along siblings),   Did TONS of yard work- trimmed the hedges in front and back; landscaped the back corner from a huge mess to a bricked-in mulch covered area and planted a little shrub; planted flowers and re-mulched the front flowerbeds, etc.  Basically, a lot of work!  (I know a many of you have husbands who are savvy in the landscaping dept. but in this house, a few roles are reversed...maybe you already knew that!)  Then there were...Baseball games and practices.  Gymnastics lessons.  Forgot all about piano lessons.  Prepared and tagged a bunch of clothing and toys for a big children's consignment sale that I do every fall and spring.  Then brought my items to the sale and checked them all in.  Got away for a whole weekend of yoga and drove 3.5 hrs to Dallas area for that.  Then worked a shift at the consignment sale (which earned me a higher commission) right after I got back.  And finally, the husband and I had a date night at PF Changs!

Aside from being busy.  And tired. (both valid reasons to keep me away from the blog!)  I also had some time to reflect during my kid-free-yoga-filled weekend.  

Do you do yoga?  I have been doing yoga for over 10 years!  I have practiced many different styles in many different settings.  When I first started it was a challenge to do the poses, though I was desperately seeking the benefits of a restful mind!  Today, I struggle finding my restful mind.  It is so hard to be present in this moment.  Typically, my mind is racing   One thing I think a lot about is my blog- what I have to do next, comments I need to reply to, ideas for posts, photos to edit, link parties, stats, on and on and on.  
BUT the weekend that I was away, with my thoughts and my yoga, I did not worry about everything I had to do at home (and with my blog).  And I realized on my 3 hour drive home that my head did not race once that weekend.  Hmmm.  Still not sure what it was, or is.  But stepping back from my blog has calmed my head.  Look, I am not a blogger who makes even one cent from blogging.  That is a LOT of time spent thinking, planning, staying up late, forgoing couch/TV time with my husband, etc. to not be compensated.  For right now, I don't want to seek out sponsors.  I would be a horrible blogger if I did.  I can't tell sponsors that I can guarantee some kick ass posts and ground-breaking tutorials.  Summer is coming and the kids will be home all day, every day.  You think I will get some good blogging done then?!  HA!  
Long story short...I don't know yet if it is the blog that makes my head crazy or if it is just me.  I do want to think about how much time is spent blogging and what else I could be doing- like getting to bed at a decent hour!!  I don't have that much un-obligated time during my days (and less when my husband is out of town).  I still LOVE making things and SHARING them here!  I get so pumped when I get a comment on my blog!  That has been my reward for my time!  But I am just in a state of review right now.  I am just re-evaluating every aspect of my life right now and the blog is included. 

Trying to achieve balance.

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