Thursday, February 9, 2012

Friday {5}:: Why I Have the Cleanest Washing Machine

Maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself here.  But last Friday I had a repairman fix my washing machine (coin stuck in the pump).  He told me-- get this-- that I had the cleanest washer he had ever seen.  Say what?!  He was not talking about the outside either.  He was talking about inside this beast.  He showed me the water that came from the pump and it was perfectly clear.  He just dumped it right back inside the washer!  I guess usually, water plus a bunch of gunk comes out of the pump.  I told him ours wasn't that old and he said he has seen newer ones in worse shape.  And trust me- we have put our machine through the ringer with cloth diapers for just over two full years!  In case you wondered we have been done with diapers since September...first time in 7 years we have no diapers!

So here are my {5} Tips to a Clean Washer:

  1. No liquid fabric softener.  The repair guy told me it is just oil and most machines he sees have a huge black ring inside from it
  2. Half the laundry detergent.  I learned this from washing cloth diapers!
  3. Keep the lid open when not in use so the left over water in the drum can evaporate.  (I have a top loader so it is safe with the kids to do this!) 
  4. It doesn't hurt to wipe down the outside every once in a while.  I wipe inside, too, on the top of the drum where it gets dusty/gunky.
  5. I have an He machine and he recommended using a washer cleaner, such as Affresh, every six months.  I admittedly have only used that stuff once.  But  am going to use it now that I know how great our machine is.  I want to keep it that way.

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