Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just going to babble today...

Where oh where have I been!?  I know summer is over and the kids are in school, but getting away for a couple of nights is still a vacation in my book.  Maybe a mini-vacation.  But still a vacation.

I have missed you, dear blog.  But I was off spending good quality time with, um, my family.  Yes.  I have a family.  And I even interact with them during evening and weekend hours, too.  On occasion.   What I am also really missing is getting my next craft planned.  

This little blog keeps my mind clear of those "things I want to make one day" because I try and actually make them.  And then I share them here with you.  And one day, I will have a nice little collection of ideas!

The other thing that tied up my time last week was the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale.  Ended up selling almost everything.  So it was worth my time and effort, again.  

But time seems to not be on my side these days.  I think I must be the worst time manager because I can't do all that I need to do for the house and kids, and have time left over in the day to make something and blog about it.  I read so many blogs that are just wonderful and full of great content.  I don't know if those bloggers have kids, kids at home, kids at school, great nappers, or what.  I have two in school and one horrid napper at home.  And I always have a huge list of to-dos for around the house.  I need to get back on a good blogging schedule.  Get some posts typed up in advance (not the night before!) and scheduled to post during the week.  It will give me more ease about this blog.  Tonight I am behind on everything, including my blog.  (I spent last evening writing and posting videos and pictures on my family blog from our mini-vacay.  My oldest son started swimming on Sunday and I was anxious to share with our far away family and friends.)  

But don't run away...I am still here.  Just getting back in gear.  Craft on Thursday, I promise!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

{Tutorial} Hair Clip Holder ... and hole-in-the-bathroom-wall-coverer!

Even though I made a headband holder for my daughter, I also needed a hair clip holder! OR Maybe I needed a convenient excuse to make something.

My Stella has so.many.hairclips that it is hard to sort through them. Several of them have been worn a hundred times so they are getting ratty. But. She loves them and I can't talk her out of keeping them. All of them. She even wants to keep the teeny baby ones.

So I needed a system to speed up our morning school routine for her hair-doing. I can't bear to sift through the crappy bows in order to find the few that are clean and new. Not to mention she can only wear clips that coordinate with her school uniform.
What's a mom to do?

Enter, the Hair Clip Holder!

Here is a mini-tutorial on how I made it:

{Tutorial} Hair Clip Holder

You need: 
  • Wood plaque or something similar (found this at the $1 Store) 
  • Paint (I used spray) 
  • Paper 
  • Mod Podge 
  • File or sand paper 
  • Ribbon 
  • Glue 
  • Letters and rolled flowers (optional) 
  • Picture hanger hardware
1. Paint the edge of the plaque. Recognize this Lagoon color?? Let dry.
2. Trace the plaque on your paper. This paper was in the 99cent section at Target. Cut out and Mod Podge to your plaque. Dry.

3. Use the file to get the edge of the paper even with the wood. Don't do too much filing or you'll file off your paint.

4. Then follow with two more coats of Mod Podge on the top.

5. While that is drying, make some rolled flowers....or not.  Totally optional.

6. Glue on your ribbon. Cut it evenly and heat seal the ends (I used a lighter). Put your letters on. Mine were stickers. Whatever words or initials you like.

{I have seen lots of hair clip holders online and they are personalized- which I decided not to do.  I was more concerned with coordinating it with the kids' bathroom.  Plus, only having one girl, I didn't feel the need to personalize it.}

Glue on your flowers. Add the picture hanger on the back.

7. Cover up that hole in your bathroom wall from the towel holder that always wiggled and is in the dumbest place ever anyways.

8. Be organized!

This little hair clip holder has been great!  Now I don't even have to open the drawer full of messy clips and old bows in the morning- when we are rushed anyway- to get the ones that are nice and new and school-worthy.  This is not just helpful for uniform wearing gals either...You might find this hair clip holder useful if you set out your daughter's school clothes the night before, you can set out her bow, too. Just pick a ribbon or spot for the day's or week's bows.  Or at least put the newest or nicest ones on the holder.

I am trying, trying, trying to streamline our processes (wow that sounded like part of my old job description) here in the mornings and to get a better routine in the evenings, too.  This craft idea might seem trivial, but it has eliminated several minutes of wasted time from digging through the yuck bows, the not-allowed bows, and then getting distracted by all the other hair things in the drawer.  There is never a question of where her school clips are.  They're right there!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whew...what a busy weekend!

This weekend was so busy! I know, where's my Monday morning post, right?! Well, it will be today, on Tuesday. It's the best I can do : ) Blogging is not my job (oh how I wish it were!). Right now, it is something I squeeze in between- kids in school and kid at home, laundry, cooking, and occasionally cleaning.

This past weekend I was involved with a huge kids consignment sale called Just Between Friends, or JBF as I like to call it. Do you have a JBF sale near you or a similar consignment sale? When we moved here three years ago and learned about JBF sales, I shopped one of the sales to check it out. Then I wanted to consign. After consigning one or two times, I realized that if I would also be a volunteer I would get an extra 5% on my sales and I could get in earlier to shop at the pre-sale. So that is where I am now- consignor, shopper, and volunteer. Thing is, I didn't decide to do this sale until a week before it started! Anyone knows that is not enough time to get everything ready and hung and tagged, etc. But I did it. And after just the first day of the sale, I am up $179. Not too shabby.  Pretty good start for the week.

Last Spring I was able to turn this:

Into $397!!

Thursday night I took in my items to sell. Saturday I worked (volunteered) an 8-hr shift. Sunday I shopped at noon (until oh, maybe, near 6pm-ish). I know, that is a really long time. Borderline insanity. Ok maybe it is insanity. This is the longest I have ever shopped!! I wasted so much time too, milling around the costumes and big toys and other toys (none of which I needed or bought). Next sale I will have to stick to my shopping plan because I did not follow it this time and I ended up wasting too much precious time. I know you are still saying "Holy Crap! Six hours of shopping!" I sat for a lot of it, too, sorting my clothes. See, I am the girl who hates the mall. I typically dread shopping- always feeling like I spent way more than the item is worth. But at the consignment, I got some steals and deals! I also don't feel that pressure to buy. I pull an item and then decide later over a snack whether I really want it or whether it is the best price. Yes, I dress my kids in used clothes- nice ones. I don't care. They don't care. I am able to buy some really great outfits for a half or a third of what I would pay in a store. I am proud of that. I bought jeans, sweaters, dresses. Even cleats, shoes, snow pants, and a comforter. Oh and a few toys stashed away for Christmas...shhh.
This is from the OKC Fall Sale two years ago.  Need an exersaucer?  How 'bout 50?

 This sale here in Oklahoma City is massive and it can be very overwhelming the first few times you go. Once I walked a few feet into the clothing aisles and just turned around and walked right out! Once I shopped for my son but couldn't even go near the racks of girls clothes because there were just too many people! It was too much I didn't even know where to start! People and clothes- too much! I didn't understand what they were doing. Why they were dragging around rolling carts and laundry baskets overflowing with clothes. I really thought they were going to buy that much stuff! But now I get it. There is a method. That is why I volunteer, so I can get in earlier and beat the crowd. I can't do the crowd. I follow my little shopping system of pulling items, inspecting later, matching outfits, comparing prices, narrowing the piles, and walking out with bags so full that I can just.barely.carry. It is insane. I am insane.  But my shopping is done. I don't have to go to the Gap, Children's Place, Academy Sports, Gymboree, and snag some play clothes at Target. And I didn't overpay or wait for a sale or have to pay for shipping.  And yes, I will admit it, I enjoy the rush of finding good deals.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Day of School Success!

What a relief! My kids have now survived their first and second days of school. I was worried about them, too. How would they each adjust to a new school, new routine, new everything? But they (so far anyway) love their new school!
What I wasn't expecting...the one who has had the hardest time adjusting has been Henry, my 2-yr old. Oh my goodness the drama! Both mornings he has cried. And cried. And cried. Refused breakfast. Even threw his bowl of cereal because he was so upset. That was fun. Funny, but I didn't even think about him having trouble with the change. I just assumed it would be the older two (and me). 
Nick, Stella, and Grumpy-Boy
I really do hope Henry snaps out of it soon. This no-eating breakfast, crying and throwing things, refusing naps thing is not fun. I was looking forward to having an hour and a half to myself (to, um make something or work on a resume- something!). Is time going to fix this?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Need a new door decoration...

I know July is over.
..What should I do with my door?...
Soooooo, I have had this paper creation up on my door since July 4th. And I know I should take it down. But I feel like I should put something up in its place. I really, really like this accordion folded creation. I love driving up to my house and seeing this big 'ol paper thing in my door. It sets me apart in a neighborhood that is a tad cookie cutter. Don't get me wrong, I really like my neighborhood.  It's just that the houses look so so similar.  I have been known to drive past my own house or pull into a driveway several houses down without even realizing it. Ok, maybe that says more about my brain than my street.

I suppose what is best is to just remove it, since it is not July 4th. Or even July. Maybe a blank door is better. I just realized, this is like keeping your Christmas lights up all year! Ok. Got it. Paper accordion thing...you are gone.

But now what?

(and today is the first day of school...I am full of mixed feelings today.  Yesterday I felt like I was anticipating a funeral!  What is wrong with me!  Don't worry, I have only had a happy face and encouragement for my two nervous students.  I will let you know how the first day goes.)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Craft Bucket List Completed: #26 Hair Bows

Remember when I said I was going to make this bow from my Craft Bucket List?

Well, I did.

Well, I tried.

Not sure, but this may border on a craft fail.

 Ok.  Fine.  I admit it, I really struggled to make a hair bow!  Ouch.

I spent, oh, probably an hour or more cutting ribbon, looping and wrapping, and still they turned out pretty sad. How pathetic am I really?  But, they did they did get slightly better each try. And after several attempts (that I won't show you) I finally made a presentable bow. And a few more that sucked but I could still show you without being too embarrassed. I'm afraid I may be asked to turn in my craft crown if I can't master the bow.

What is my problem?
And then after making ONE bow that looked nice enough to put on my daughter, I was feeling very smarty pants and made a few more hair bows for my daughter, Stella, to wear to school.

Not completely embarrassing...

These are for pigtails if she ever lets me...

Why the hair bows all of a sudden?  I am making all of these bows and such because my older two kids are going to a new school this year- one that requires uniforms and therefore my daughter cannot wear her 27 pink headbands, bows, and clippies to school. (Last year, she got away with wearing tiaras and even headbands with antennae on them!)  These need to be school colors- red, white, blue. Sure, yes. Common colors that I can buy at any store. BUT, ever since she started wearing bows as a baby I wanted to try to make one or two.  And I just haven't.  So, maybe this is "harder" --to make a bow than to buy one...?? But I don't care. These won't be the last headbands and bows she ever wears. If I (ever) master the techniques I can make all her bows for ever and ever and ever.  Oh lucky Stella.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Headband Holder for ME!

Oh, I just HAD to!

I made one of these for my daughter last week.  Here for the tutorial.  Hers cost $1. Mine was about ten. Oopsy. It was the spray paint!  If only I had some leftover from another spray-painting craft- then it would have only been $2. (Because I broke the first paper towel holder by bending it the wrong way. awesome.)  This is hers:

My cabinet door was not as wide as the one in my kids' bathroom. So I just mounted the paper towel holder vertically! Voila!

So I learned something about spray paint through this project. Wanna know?

Apparently, maybe you already know, they make a Primer Spray Paint for Plastics. Yes. So you spray this primer on your plastic item. Let it dry. Then you can paint it with WHATEVER spray paint color you want. The regular stuff, too. I figured this out because I was very disappointed after not being able to find "cool colors" of the spray paint made for plastic. I was this close to just leaving mine white, but then I found everything at Home Depot (when shopping for a ceiling fan).

Do you love this color?   I love it!  It's called lagoon.  And for a couple of days now, I have had a lagoon colored thumb, too.

I also added a band for clips around the top of the holder. I have only a couple of clips so this will be perfect for me.  I grabbed some ribbon I already had and hot glued it onto the holder in two spots. I marked the glued spot in front with a small flower so I know where I can't fit a clip. The clips slide under the band between the flowers.   Here it is fully loaded.

It is possible that I will redo this one day with a fatter paper towel roll.  A couple of my head bands didn't grip as well on this one.  Or I will get a smaller head.

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