Friday, September 30, 2011

Johhny Appleseed in 45 min or less

OK. So I KNEW about today being a day that my son could dress up (if he wanted) like Johnny Appleseed. I knew this last week. I just didn't know that he actually wanted to dress up until last night! Holy Crap. I could have made something cute...clever...creative. But maybe I did just enough work for a one-time-deal!

This was me last night:
6:45 - Panic, when Nicholas tells me he really wants to dress up and everyone in the class is dressing up, too.  OK Kate, Try not to panic.
6:45:30 - Wait!      What does Johnny Appleseed even look like?!     Google it!
6:47 - Ok. ok.     Set out one (and only) pair of jeans, white t shirt...what else?!    
We need a vest. And something apple-y.     Ok, go!
6:48 - Ping Calmly search the house for old shirts, vests...vest...nothing.     Come on, Kate, think THINK!   Scour mom's clothes, dad's clothes, even old baby clothes...STOP you are getting off track.     What else?!
6:49 - Just grab anything!!!       Felt. Scraps. OH an old pillow cover!!     YES. Perfect size.      Grab a button down shirt to measure.
6:50 - Clear a spot on the kitchen table and START DOING SOMETHING!      AAAAH!     
OK. Lay out pillow cover. Shirt on top. Chalk outline.      Mess up.    Do again...ok,        ok.     Start Cutting.
 Use existing seams.      Not exactly sure what I am doing but at least I am doing something, I figure.
 Cut arm holes.      Make it look even if you can, Kate.
Cut the front
6:53 - Crap. I didn't leave room for seam allowance or for hemming.      Quick! Bias tape, bias tape....OOOH PERFECT!       A mistake-purchase!! Use that!
Cheat on bias tape....don't measure, just SEW!      Pedal to the metal.
7:05 - Crap.      Kids are coming inside for a bath. I am still sewing.
7:17 - Done sewing bias tape and side seam.

Ran out of bias tape...just "fringe" the bottom!

7:18 - Now Nick is hovering over me telling me what HE wants the outfit to look like. I can't do this right now.      I am in the ZONE.
7:19 - Just start cutting felt:      Brown for sack. Red for apple.      Freehand cut the apple while Nick chants "my mom can cut! my mom can cut!"        HELLO....Did he not see the part where I turned a pillow case into a vest!!!!!!! : )
7:22 - Sew the bag.      Add a cord for a strap.      (Even though this is CLEARLY NOT the bag that my son wants, it's what he is getting.)
7:25 - Bust out the Fabri-Tac and glue the apple pieces on.      Be neat. Home stretch now.      Careful, Kate, you can't mess up now!

7:30 - WHEW.      Done!

Not bad. Not bad.

They are making the hats in class today so his teacher asked them not to wear a hat.     Nicholas was thrilled with the outfit (a break from his uniforms, at the least).   I think he didn't even mind his apple purse! : )

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Monday, September 26, 2011

{Tutorial} Stemmed Fabric Lotus Flowers

On Friday, I showcased my bouquet of handmade fabric lotus flowers. I explained why I made them- for my dear friend. She just opened up her own yoga studio and when I saw a picture of the sign that is hanging outside of her new digs I was inspired (to say the least)!!

I was inspired to create these.  Because I didn't know how to send real lotus flowers!

Of course, I combed the internet looking for a lotus flower tutorial...and maybe I don't know how to work the internet, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. I found lots of origami ideas, but I didn't want to use paper. I am a fabric girl. So, after making a few iterations of my idea, I opted for the version that was fast-enough that I would actually finish the project but pretty enough that it still takes some time to create a whole dozen.

I wanted them to look like lotus flowers.

They also sort of look like tulips.

Either way, I think they are just beautiful!

This is a SUPER gift to make for someone- a handmade bouquet of flowers!

How to make a stemmed flower to give or keep:

Supplies Needed for One Flower:
Strip of fabric, 8" x width(44")
Template (link at bottom of post)
Stem or stick (I found these green sticks in floral dept of craft store)
Hot Glue
Contrasting thread, scissors, chalk or fabric pen

1. Press 8" strip in half, wrong sides together. Lay out the fabric so the fold is the "bottom" and the raw edges are the "top".  And PRINT out this template:

2. Trace template on fabric. Place template at one end and start tracing the petals. The base of the petal is along the fold and the point of the petal is at the raw edges.  Trace along the dotted line of the template.

Keep tracing the petals until you reach the other end. There are no spaces between the petals.

When you only have room for one more petal and then some inches left, chalk a rectangle "tail" from the last petal to the edge of the fabric.  I drew a line then some wavies.
3. Cut out.  And please, cut off the white selvage. I think it is easier to cut from this side.

This reminded me that I need my scissors sharpened.  Last month I ran/cut over a pin!
TIP:  If you are making more than one flower, you can place a blank strip of fabric under the one you marked and cut them both out at the same time.

4. Sew together along the raw edge of the petals. I used a contrasting thread color.

5. Sew a gathering stitch along the bottom (folded side).

6. Start gluing the fabric to the stick. Start with the short tail part. Roll and glue about every half inch or so.  I use a lot of glue.

When it is almost finished, I pinched the base in a tiny bit as the glue cooled off.

When there is a short tail remaining, use this tail to cover the messy flower bottom.

Just roll/glue until it is neat.  After this dried, I went back and did a second round of gluing to fix anything that was sticking out. It might feel wobbly now, but it will stiffen up after it is completely dry.
TIP: I do a practice roll first, before gluing, to make sure the fabric is gathered enough/not too much and my flower will look the way I want it.

And this is what I get when I wait until Sunday night to make these...dark pictures.  Sorry.

Just look at the nice sunny ones I made a couple weeks ago instead!

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