Monday, February 13, 2012

Master Bedroom Update {still work in progress!}

I have some great progress to share today!  I am done with part one of my master bedroom clean up project!  I am done with the "clean-up" part.  Now, comes the decorating part!  Ooh lala!  It was about a month ago that I didn't hold back and bared my messy room to the world...ok, to my blog readers who happened upon my blog that day!  But still.  I put it out there!  It was a tad embarrassing for me to do that BUT it has motivated me to stop putting off this project any longer.  We have *only* lived here for three years- you would think that is plenty of time to hang curtains!

But see, we are a military family.  We move more often than we'd like.  And I know that lots and lots of military wives/families are good about getting their new house decorated and to their liking-right away!  I am the opposite.  I always think, "why bother decorating, because we'll have to move again!"  (Great attitude, I know.) I don't want to paint any colored walls or change too much about our already bland house- because I want to sell it quickly when the time comes.  I am lazy have terrible logic, I know- I want a pretty house so people will *want* to buy it!   

Without further ado, here is the before:

~~ And here are the updates ~~
* I did not say "afters" because there is still a lot to do here.

Known problems with the above picture:  misplaced wall hangings, glass vase stuffed with packing paper on chest of drawers, need a table runner for the dresser, poster board sticking out, basket needs painted, and I really don't know about these two pieces of furniture together.  I like it but I don't think it's "correct".

Now THIS, is my $7 basket I bought at the new thrift store!  It just needs spray painted when the weather warms up.

Still need to fix here:  curtains, picture over bed, floating photos on the wall don't go there anymore, and the wall is blank.  I am picturing a small table against that wall.  I really want to find something I can paint a fun color.  Maybe I need to move my dresser back to that wall?  But I am liking the open feel right now over there.

Again, problems here: curtains (hello?), need better shams/pillows on bed, floating picture on the wall.  Oh and I just noticed the bedspread hanging out over the footboard- that is my husband's doing. He doesn't like to tuck it in.  But he makes the bed.  So I have to deal with it.  Or I could just start making the bed?

But what else?  The nightstands are actually storage cubes.  We were thinking of moving them to the blank wall and putting a cushion over them.  But we need nightstands.  It's pretty safe to say that I am on my own now with this project.  My husband helped move the stuff and declutter.  But we bought the new TV, so in his mind this room is done.  I am pinning lots of ideas here on my Master Bedroom Pinterest board.  If you have ideas to help me with this...leave me a comment...I'd love to hear/see!

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  1. I LOVE those two dressers and the fact that they almost look like a unit when they're together like that. And curtains? Unless you really need them for privacy, I'd forget them. The room has such a crisp look without them. You're a wise woman who doesn't fuss about the way her husband the bed. :-)

  2. If your husband makes up the bed, accept it the way he does it. I think that is wonderful. And it looks good that way too. We do not always need to be perfect. Who is going to remember in 10 years anyway. Room looks great.

  3. totally jealous of your furniture-mine is my mom's old stuff. i'd love to pick out something more my style. good luck on your master bedroom tweaking-aside from furniture, i'm finally happy with how mine is. we really treated it like an afterthought for too long.


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