Craft Bucket List

This is my personal list of crafts and things to make that I want to accomplish one day.  Before I die, would be good.

I don't know why I am doing this...I will always be adding ideas here that I want to make!  Good thing I am going to live to be 300!

1.  a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. from (formerly knock-off wood).  Maybe a bookshelf, or a picnic table, or even a bed.
2.  Pillowcases. {example at Sew4Home}
3.  Pie in a jar. {@Our Best Bites}
4.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie {@Bakerella}
5.  Grown Up Pop Tarts {@Little Acorn}
6.  Cake Pops {@Bakerella}
7.  Peasant top {@Obsessively Stitching}
8.  90 Minute Shirt {@Made} before my kids grow out of it, please
9.  Ruffled Camera Strap {@Crap I've Made}
10.  Scrabble Tile Pendant {@make and takes}
11.  DIY Conversation Hearts {@Make Monthly}
12.  Paper pom-poms {@Martha Stewart}
13.  Homemade ice cream kit {@homemade by jill}
14.  Sew a swimsuit.  Inspired by this @Made
15.  T-shirt Underpants {@Whitney Sews} I just can't get over this one! c.l.e.v.e.r!
16.  Boys' Baseball T-shirt (re-purpose) {@make it and love it}
17.  Boys' pants from t-shirts {@kojo designs)
18.  Ruffled Skirt {@Craftaholics Anonymous}
19.  Spiffy Scissors {@ Crap I've Made}
20.  Map Magnets {@ the Gunny Sack}
21.  Dyed Slip-on Shoes {@ Sweet Verbena}
22.  Aquarius Swim Diaper {@ Sew Mama Sew}
23. Simple Bow Tie Top {@ Sweet Verbena}
24. Braided Headbands {@ Alisa Burke}
25. Hair Bow Holder {@ Johnny In A Dress}
26. Hair Bow {@ My Creative Way}
27. Lotus Flower Pin {@ Create and Delegate}
28. Zucchini Fritters {@ Creating a Family Home}
29. Bottle Cap Magnets {@ Let Birdz Fly}
30. Felt Bows {@ Sew Candid}

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