Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{Pinned It, Did It} A Baby Bib

Oh I have had this one pinned for quite a while, just *waiting* for someone to have a baby girl so I could make it!  Then it still took me a couple more months to actually make it, wrap it, send it...OH and ask my friend to send me pictures because I forgot to take them myself!

And...Isn't she a cutie?!
In case you are wondering- this is my friend's baby!  You can already tell by those fingers how adorable she is!!!!!  The bib is still a little big, but she is only going to grow, right?  The back of it was made with a soft pink flannel.  I found both fabrics at Hobby Lobby.

Here is the original post by Jess at Craftiness Is Not Optional.  
She has a free pattern, too.
Source:  Craftiness Is Not Optional

And, I just can't resist the chance to gush about one of my favorite blogs, too:  Craftiness is Not Optional

If you think this is cute, you need to stop by her blog.  Jess is very, very talented at sewing!  Her little girl dresses make me wish that I was a size 2T so I could fit into them!  I love every single thing that girl makes!

All I can say, is do NOT be surprised if you find me in a shirt like this one day!
I will find a way to supersize it to fit me.
Source:  Craftiness Is Not Optional

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  1. cute bibs :) and i LOVE that shirt... just got some of that fabric, actually. hmmm...

  2. Hi there :) found you through the blog hop! love your blog. You've motivated to get my room in order to redecorate. It's so hard to even start but I gotta do it :)



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