Thursday, December 22, 2011

THE Funniest Holiday Card

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This is my sister.  And her husband.  They are hilarious, aren't they?

~~~I just thought I could share a chuckle in all the holiday stress and hustle-bustle.~~~

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Happy Early Christmas to Me!

I am talking about this:

source:  Mod Podge Rocks
Apparently, I was whining about how I didn't have any in a previous post and well it showed up on my doorstep.  So now I will whine for diamond earrings...Oh how I wish I had a pair of diamond earrings.  Or two pairs, because it is inevitable that I will lose one.   hee hee!

Seriously, it was my good friend who sent me a bottle of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic last week.  But crazy me, I had just put the box from Amazon in our stash of boxes that are gifts that I need to wrap.  I had no idea!  So when I sat down to wrap presents on Saturday, I opened a box that had two bottles of glue and I was SOOOO confused!!  First I thought maybe it was for one of the kids.  Then I thought I somehow ordered it telepathically.  THEN I read the packing slip and discovered it was a SUPER AWESOME gift to me from my friend.  SUPER AWESOME.  Okay, I do realize only a craft addict will get this giddy over a water-based adhesive. 
I was so anxious to use it.  And even though I don't have time to sit and do any projects, I have been dabbling with it each day.  I sneak in my craft room wreck and a new layer of "Dimensional" to my projects.  Then I come back some hours later to check.  Add a layer to something else.  Go away for a few hours to let it dry.  Then I come back and do it all over again.  
I love my new toy!  

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

School's out! School's out!

Teachers let the monkeys out!

Ever hear that one when you were a kid?

I think it means this:

This is what they did whilst I was on the phone with one of my dear, dear friends whom I have not talked to in YEARS.  And have not seen in longer!

Stella, posing amid the chaos.

And in case you thought the littlest was just a spectator...

But it was worth it!  I got to talk to my friend.  Kids got all sweaty.  Henry actually took a decent nap.  All is good.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Random "Mish-Moshy" Christmas Tree

Before I get started about my tree decorations... I thought I would share this Shabby Apple dress giveaway over at Pitter and Glink.  Their dresses are stylish and stunning!  Go over and might win the dress!
Now, on to the tree...

I am always interested in how other people decorate their Christmas tree.

Pretty and Formal?
Pretty and Handmade?
Pretty and Kidmade?
Pretty and Color-themed?
Pretty and Mish-moshy?

That last one is ours...Mish-moshy.  Like how I threw "pretty" in there to make everyone feel good about their trees?  It IS Christmas...

We once had a pretty red and gold tree.  You know the kind- white lights only.  Every branch balanced.  Obviously this was before we had kids!

For many, if not all, of the last seven years, we did not even decorate the last foot or so of the tree because babies don't mix well with Christmas ornaments!  This year, we were clear to decorate every square inch of the tree.  And we had three little helpers to accomplish that!  

Our ornaments fall into a four basic categories:  Made by a kid, From someplace we have been, Things we like, and Fillers (plain ball ornaments to fill the "holes" in the tree and usually hold no significant meaning).

These hold lots of meaning...Have a look!

Yes, pretty random.  But we did visit this crater- it's in Arizona.

Denali National Park, Alaska
"Hang Ten, Santa!"
Key West, Florida.  
The cross-eyed reindeer and Angel without facial features would fall in the "kidmade" category.

Another Beautiful kidmade (well, the kid made the drawing, an adult did the rest) ornament.  Nothing says Christmas like a GI Joe battle scene.
My husband is a North Carolina basketball fan.
We never miss a "Charlie Brown Christmas" special on TV!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{Bucket List}:: #29 Bottle Cap Magnets - Done!

29. Bottle Cap Magnets {@ Let Birdz Fly}

Finally, finally, finally made these.  And then get this- I dropped them on the tile floor and the magnets popped off the bottle caps and I had to re-glue them.  

I used hot glue and the tutorial suggested hot glue or Mod Podge Dimensional.  Which, I think she used.  I can't find it around here.  I look every time I am at the Hobby Lobby, too.  

But these would have made a really cute Christmas present!  If only I would have thought of it sooner.  Besides, I can't say, "here ya go and don't drop them on the floor or they will just be regular bottle caps again."    

Or can I?

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Friday, December 9, 2011

{Friday Five} :: Our Christmas Traditions

I have read a few blogs this week that talked about their Christmas traditions.  This is something that I have really tried to create and stick with the past few years.  My oldest is now seven and he, out of the three kids, will *get* the Christmas traditions the most.  They will stick with him and he will look forward to them next year.  

1.  Appetizers for dinner on Christmas Eve.  
This stemmed from my family attending Christmas Eve(ning) and even midnight mass when I was growing up.  We were always rushing around getting ready for church (with four girls in the house, there was always lots of "getting ready")- which didn't leave much time for dinner.  So we snacked and grazed before mass.  THEN, we would pull everything out again when we got home!

2.  French Toast Casserole for Christmas Day breakfast.
It's one of those assemble-the-night-before-and-refrigerate deals.  Plus, in the morning it has to sit on the counter for 30 min and then bake for almost an hour and then cool.  Plenty of time to open presents before breakfast!

3.  Manicotti for Christmas Day dinner.
I make it ahead of time and put it in the fridge.  Then I pop it in the oven.  Again, easy yet belly-fillling.

4.  My husband reads The Night Before Christmas to the kids on Christmas Eve.
No sooner.  

5.  We spend Christmas here.  
The whole day.  At our home- wherever that may be.  It is fun and cozy and we stay in our jammies most of the day.  Until it is manicotti time.  

Now look at that!  I am getting less grinchy and more excited for December 25th!  My husband will be happy...he is Mr. Christmas around here.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Simple Ornament to Keep Forever (and I used a Squicker Sticker)

I don' t know about you, but I have 5 pages of "Squickers" stickers laying around.  Some stickers are from three years ago!  I thought they were cute but I just didn't know what to do with them.  Until now...

Does your child's school do the Squickers fundraiser?  Ours does.  But here is my confession:  I just keep the free sheets of stickers and don't order their products.  I know.  I shouldn't have said that out loud.  But it's true.  

And honestly (another confession), I have never been too impressed with my kids' artwork to order anything with their picture on it either.  

BUT this kids were super-duper creative and artsy and made some funny creative artwork!

I had the light bulb idea this year:  Stick the squicker sticker on an ornament to cherish (and laugh at when they are older, of course) forever.  

I mean, who doesn't want a GI Joe ornament on their Christmas Tree?!?!

I found these unfinished ornaments at Hobby Lobby for $1 (which I scored at 50% off, so 50cents), painted them and then mod podged the squicker on the ornament. Added a little ribbon and viola!  Memories that last.

It does appear that Stella tried to write some sort of word, but she couldn't remember what it was.  Very colorful nonetheless.  

Oooh, these would be cute gifts!  Yes?

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Friday, December 2, 2011

{The Friday 5}:: What I Wish I was making right now

Oh how I wish I had a few hours free to make something.  Anything.  I would prefer to make something for Christmas (obviously)!  Instead, I am drooling over these ideas I found.  Most of them I have already made in my head. 

1.  The most gorgeous Ribbon Wreath, from

2.  This darling “Gift Wrap Garland Christmas Tree”, from Sew Woodsy

3.  A burlap Banner, from Story Crafting with Joy.
(I like this so much, I would probably make mine a giant-size!)

4.  Felt Flowers (galore!), from Craftiness is Not Optional
In my mind, I have already made about 4 dozen of these.

And again, in my head, I have already made these and eaten 3.  

Happy Crafting!  

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{Tutorial} Advent Calendar, a Felt Wall Hanging

If you stopped by yesterday, I showed you my Advent Calendar that I made last year.  And then I promised you a "how-to" for it today.  Well, I rounded up some pictures I took while I was making it and collaged them to give you a quick tutorial.

I promise you, I just whipped this up.  On the 30th of November.  I finished all but assembling the ornaments, to include the hand sewing of the numbers.  But by the 5th it was complete.

  {Tutorial by Pictorial} Advent Calendar- Felt Wall Hanging

To make this I used:  fabric for the background, felt, interfacing, heat and bond, scrapbooking brads, rick rack, and embroidery thread.
1.  Grab some supplies.  2.  Decide on a size for the tree and base everything else off that.  3.  Cut two felt trees; light and dark green.  4.  Cut each in 3 pieces- take into account 1" of overlap when you plan your cuts.  Or not and just wing it!  5. Attach the thirds, bottom edges overlap.  You will only use three pieces of trees here.  I cut strips of Heat and Bond to attach them.  6.  Decide where you want your brads to go.  7.  Poke brads through the felt.  8.  I thought it could use some garland (rick rack).  9.  Again, I used tiny strips of heat and bond to hold in place.  Then sew down the rick rack.

10.  Lay out tree on background fabric and mark your lines for the ornaments to hang on the bottom.  11.  Sew some trim (rick rack) along the horizontal lines.  12.  It's probably safe to attach the tree now!  I cut pieces of Heat and Bond to hold it in place.  12.  Then sew the felt tree to the background.  13.  Add brads to the horizontal rows.  14.  Make a backing piece and line with a medium to stiff interfacing.  13.  Sew backing to the front panel.  I did 3-rows of stitching to be "decorative".  15.  Make a casing at the top for a dowel to slide in.  16.  Make some felt ornaments.  25 to be exact!

It isn't too too late to start this.  You can get the tree part done pretty fast.  Then just make the ornaments.

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