Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ideas to DIY Curtains

I didn't realize how long it would take to get this mess cleaned up...taking a bit longer than I imagined. But definite progress has bee made I can promise you that!  I bet if you ask my husband, he would actually say we are done. But we are not done.

I would say our previously-messy rooms are just about ready to decorate now.  They are rearranged and de-junked, but I still have a few things to tidy up in each of the rooms.  Then, the rooms need to be beautified!

It's going to be lots of work for me...I mean, I have to scour blogs, pinterest, and my favorite home decorating stores to come up with a decorating plan!  (Oh shoot.)  This could take some time- days just doing doing the re-con!

First I want to get curtains for our bedroom.  Since painting in not in our plan, I want to bring a little color into our room with some nice, simple curtains.

I like the simple geometric print of this fabric.  These curtains were a no-sew project and they have nice big grommets at the top!  I think I want grommets.

source:  Brooklyn Limestone
Can you believe these were made from dropcloths?!  I love how relaxing they are!  Our bedroom is not formal and dressy...this might be the idea.
source:  Lovely Crafty Home

Here is a tutorial for stencil painting premade curtain panels. I love how these look, but I don't know if I will have the patience to make these. Or the time/space where kids won't mess with them.
source: Twenty Something 
Aren't these chevron curtains just dreamy! I really like them. These were made from fabric and lined with blackout lining. I won't need to go that far, but lining them would be a nice option.
source:  Midwest Magnolia
Come check out my Curtains board on Pinterest. I have more curtain ideas there and I am trying to accumulate more ideas as I see them. 

Soooo....If you have some nice curtains you have blogged about...leave me a comment with the link! I could always use more inspiration! Heck, while I am at it...I am looking for some kind of decoration to put on the wall above our headboard. Leave me a link to any of those ideas too, if you gottem!  That didn't sound too desperate? : )  heehee!

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  1. I really like the drop cloth idea. We live far enough off the road that we don't really need curtains, but light-diffusing ones would be a great idea.

  2. Look for good quality, heavyweight fabrics curtain like linen blends or woven jacquards. Over time, cheap material may go shiny. Transform a jaded bedroom by hanging luscious velvet or silk curtains, and then finish with a butter-soft fluffy rug – simply divine. click here


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