Thursday, February 2, 2012

{Feature} Couponing Tips... at delicateConstruction!

I just can't help but feature this series by Michelle at delicateConstruction!

I am so excited to share this that I can't type this post out fast enough!

I have been reading Michelle's couponing advice all week and I was just bursting this morning when I saw this post about using a binder!  Because did you see my post yesterday about making a coupon holder for your binder????  Uh-huh!

All I could show you was how to make the pocket holder, I sadly, couldn't offer any solid couponing advice.  But check-it... Michelle has put together a very informative series of posts about couponing, giving us newbies the tools to get started on a money saving spree!  Her series includes:
Did you see?  She is a Binder gal...I am a Binder gal...we could be friends?
Only her binder looks like this!

And mine is only two pages.  I have a LOT to learn.  Already, I see that I need a 9-pocket page vs. my 4 and 6 pockets.

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  1. WOW!! Thank you so much!! I totally sewed my own pages in the beginning, and I did a post but mine were not as cute as yours at all! I lucked out and found some baseball pages in my in laws storage unit- free is my friend! It really does make it so much easier and the great part about sewing them is that you can make them to whatever size you want! Another idea would be so do thirds horizontally for the long coupons. Also in the post with my {not as cute as yours} homemade ones is a homemade divider idea, I just took paint chip samples- the one you get for free and cut them, folded them in half, wrote the name of the section on them and then used packing tape to add them to the end of a page protector. Works great and I still have them in my current binder.

    You are so sweet!


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