Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just going to babble today...

Where oh where have I been!?  I know summer is over and the kids are in school, but getting away for a couple of nights is still a vacation in my book.  Maybe a mini-vacation.  But still a vacation.

I have missed you, dear blog.  But I was off spending good quality time with, um, my family.  Yes.  I have a family.  And I even interact with them during evening and weekend hours, too.  On occasion.   What I am also really missing is getting my next craft planned.  

This little blog keeps my mind clear of those "things I want to make one day" because I try and actually make them.  And then I share them here with you.  And one day, I will have a nice little collection of ideas!

The other thing that tied up my time last week was the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale.  Ended up selling almost everything.  So it was worth my time and effort, again.  

But time seems to not be on my side these days.  I think I must be the worst time manager because I can't do all that I need to do for the house and kids, and have time left over in the day to make something and blog about it.  I read so many blogs that are just wonderful and full of great content.  I don't know if those bloggers have kids, kids at home, kids at school, great nappers, or what.  I have two in school and one horrid napper at home.  And I always have a huge list of to-dos for around the house.  I need to get back on a good blogging schedule.  Get some posts typed up in advance (not the night before!) and scheduled to post during the week.  It will give me more ease about this blog.  Tonight I am behind on everything, including my blog.  (I spent last evening writing and posting videos and pictures on my family blog from our mini-vacay.  My oldest son started swimming on Sunday and I was anxious to share with our far away family and friends.)  

But don't run away...I am still here.  Just getting back in gear.  Craft on Thursday, I promise!

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