Monday, August 1, 2011

Craft Bucket List completed: #23 Bow Shirt

Do you remember on Friday I said I wanted to make this?  I can hardly believe it myself!  (I actually attempted and completed three items from my Craft Bucket List.)  I am going to have to figure out how to show they are "checked" off of the list. I found the tutorial here: Simple Bow Tie Top at Sweet Verbena

#23 Bow Shirt = DONE.

This was super, ridiculously easy to make. Promise.

What I like about the shirt: easy, love the colors, it is so stinking ADORABLE. I did take about 4" off each side seam which, for me (5'5") was making me look pregnant (which I am not).

What I don't like: not mom-friendly. It was great for my shopping trip with my friend, but was a hinderance when my family went to Sam's Club. The bow got caught in my leg somehow when I was loading the car and the bow was all untied when I was done loading. Also, it was hard to carry my 2-yr old because he was tugging on the bow or pulling my shirt down. When I bent over you can see in my shirt. I don't own a strapless bra so I had to rig something up for the day. (tmi? sorry.)  And my bow was bigger than hers because I used satin...I looked back on her tutorial and she used silk. Oops on me.  Silk was not in the value section- orange satin was. I just felt uncomfortable in it when I was around the house and grocery shopping- mom things, you know.  But I am not a stylish person so maybe that is the real problem.

Has anyone else made this shirt?

Will I wear it again...probably yes. I was even thinking of sewing the ends of the sash together and losing the bow altogether. Whaddya think?
Do I change the bow or do I just wear this when I am doing non-mom things?  Or do I just get a grip and be stylish once in a while!  geesh.

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  1. Shirt looks great! Sorry it wasn't kid compatible.

  2. Thanks Martha. You should try this. It is very fast and I bought all the fabric in the Value section at Hancock Fabrics.

  3. Very cute. Maybe you can Sew the sash/ribbon together and then tie the bow. That way it cannot really come all the way undone.


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