Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whew...what a busy weekend!

This weekend was so busy! I know, where's my Monday morning post, right?! Well, it will be today, on Tuesday. It's the best I can do : ) Blogging is not my job (oh how I wish it were!). Right now, it is something I squeeze in between- kids in school and kid at home, laundry, cooking, and occasionally cleaning.

This past weekend I was involved with a huge kids consignment sale called Just Between Friends, or JBF as I like to call it. Do you have a JBF sale near you or a similar consignment sale? When we moved here three years ago and learned about JBF sales, I shopped one of the sales to check it out. Then I wanted to consign. After consigning one or two times, I realized that if I would also be a volunteer I would get an extra 5% on my sales and I could get in earlier to shop at the pre-sale. So that is where I am now- consignor, shopper, and volunteer. Thing is, I didn't decide to do this sale until a week before it started! Anyone knows that is not enough time to get everything ready and hung and tagged, etc. But I did it. And after just the first day of the sale, I am up $179. Not too shabby.  Pretty good start for the week.

Last Spring I was able to turn this:

Into $397!!

Thursday night I took in my items to sell. Saturday I worked (volunteered) an 8-hr shift. Sunday I shopped at noon (until oh, maybe, near 6pm-ish). I know, that is a really long time. Borderline insanity. Ok maybe it is insanity. This is the longest I have ever shopped!! I wasted so much time too, milling around the costumes and big toys and other toys (none of which I needed or bought). Next sale I will have to stick to my shopping plan because I did not follow it this time and I ended up wasting too much precious time. I know you are still saying "Holy Crap! Six hours of shopping!" I sat for a lot of it, too, sorting my clothes. See, I am the girl who hates the mall. I typically dread shopping- always feeling like I spent way more than the item is worth. But at the consignment, I got some steals and deals! I also don't feel that pressure to buy. I pull an item and then decide later over a snack whether I really want it or whether it is the best price. Yes, I dress my kids in used clothes- nice ones. I don't care. They don't care. I am able to buy some really great outfits for a half or a third of what I would pay in a store. I am proud of that. I bought jeans, sweaters, dresses. Even cleats, shoes, snow pants, and a comforter. Oh and a few toys stashed away for Christmas...shhh.
This is from the OKC Fall Sale two years ago.  Need an exersaucer?  How 'bout 50?

 This sale here in Oklahoma City is massive and it can be very overwhelming the first few times you go. Once I walked a few feet into the clothing aisles and just turned around and walked right out! Once I shopped for my son but couldn't even go near the racks of girls clothes because there were just too many people! It was too much I didn't even know where to start! People and clothes- too much! I didn't understand what they were doing. Why they were dragging around rolling carts and laundry baskets overflowing with clothes. I really thought they were going to buy that much stuff! But now I get it. There is a method. That is why I volunteer, so I can get in earlier and beat the crowd. I can't do the crowd. I follow my little shopping system of pulling items, inspecting later, matching outfits, comparing prices, narrowing the piles, and walking out with bags so full that I can just.barely.carry. It is insane. I am insane.  But my shopping is done. I don't have to go to the Gap, Children's Place, Academy Sports, Gymboree, and snag some play clothes at Target. And I didn't overpay or wait for a sale or have to pay for shipping.  And yes, I will admit it, I enjoy the rush of finding good deals.

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