Thursday, September 1, 2011

{Tutorial: Kid Craft} STELLA CUFF BRACELET (made by a 4yr old!)

I think I might have created a monster.

My daughter, who is four, loves. to. sew.  And she especially likes to sew with my machine.  I finally gave in and let her try.  I had to prop up the pedal on a box of copy paper with a book and sticky shelf liner just so she could reach it.  I also put the speed down to the very slowest that the machine would go.

She was just begging to sew. How could I refuse?!  So I made up this little craft that turned out to be a great idea!  I think these little cuff bracelets would also make cute gifts.  I could also make, say a coaster or key fob, and let her decorate it with different stitches.  Easy gift ideas that aunties would love...just sayin!

All I did was sew up (super quickly) a rectangle of fabric.  Then I turned her loose on my machine.  She was mainly interested in the different kinds of stitches, so I showed her how to type in the numbers.

I was really nervous about letting a four year old use my machine, but she surprised me!  She really tried to make something nice.  And because she enjoyed using the big grown-up machine, she was a very, very good listener about it.  

I learned to give my kids a chance.  They are capable of surprising me- in a good way.


Step 1.

Step 2.  Choose a colored thread.  Also a GREAT way to use up some of those funky colors you bought a long time ago.

Step 3.  Sew away.  Change thread colors.  Change stitches.  Let her go.  Whatever she wants.

Step 4.  Add a button/button hole.  She helped hand stitch the button.  
Yes, it is a little crooked, but it looks perfect!!!!  All sewn by her four-yr old self!!  
Step 5.  Admire...  I know you are so proud because you made it!!

And now, I hear everyday on the way home from school, "Mommy can I sew when I get home?"  Every day.

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  1. I love that you daughter is sewing! Great cuff!

  2. I want a Stella Bracelet!

  3. This is the most adorable post I have ever read and Stella is even more adorable!! Please tell her I said that and she is now my inspiration. I bought a Serger and have no idea how to work it. I'm going to act like a 4 year old with no fear and the confidence to conquer it! Thank you so much for linking to It's a Party! If it's okay with you, I'll feature your post soon!

  4. Hey! Just posted about this great craft on Craft Gossip. Can't wait to try this out with my 4 year old:)

  5. What a beautiful thing to do together!


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