Monday, August 8, 2011

Bucket List #24 Completed- Braided Headband

Here's another Bucket List Craft that I made!  Recognize the fabric??

#24 Braided Headband = DONE.

Ohmygoodness...another super easy craft.  Tutorial: Braided Headbands {@ Alisa Burke}

I picked up a couple headbands at the dollar store that had the teeth in them (2/$1). Since I wrapped the knit around the band, I don't even notice the teeth when I am wearing this! I decided to try Fabri-Tac glue for this craft and it worked perfectly. I added a knot to the ends and slipped the headband into the knots. I didn't know how to finish the ends so I just came up with something before the glue dried.  I think the ends are bulky, but fine.

This was a super cute and easy craft. Highly recommend to the novice of novices to try!  And wouldn't you know it- my daughter asked me to buy a headband one at Target this weekend- for $3.99.  Actually, she asked me for two.  I said ok for one and I would make the other.  Four bucks, geesh.  Mine= $0.50 

The headband was so easy, that I worked on it while...

I was helping my daughter sew a little creation of her own! She is working on a stuffed owl.  These are the eyes.  She did the stitching!  I was so proud.  sniff.

My daughter, Stella, is 4 and she just discovered sewing...{sigh}.

She received this book for her birthday and we have made several projects from it.  Here is her finished owl.

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