Monday, September 19, 2011

{Get Organized!} School Lunches

If I don't do this soon, I will cry.

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How smart is this?!  My kids are just now starting to ask for school lunch, but it is only about 50% of the time.  Which is fine with me.  I do enjoy the break from packing lunches, too.  I make the lunches the night before and so this idea would help make that process even faster.  I could have all the baby carrots in baggies ready to grab.  However, things like apples that brown, will still need to be cut up the night before.  Even so, there is even the option of asking the kids to "pack" their own lunch if I make it this easy.

And speaking of kids lunches...I need to get some new tricks in this department.  My 6yr old "claims" to dislike peanut butter and any bread that is brown (wheat).  Ok.  Great.  I will try and work within those narrow guidelines.  And my 4yr old asked me (again) today for a butterfly sandwich.  An assignment which I have already failed once.

I spent some time here at Laptop Lunches to find some better ideas.  I do think presenting the food in these cute bento boxes could also help raise my kids' interest in eating the lunch.  I did find four "anti-sandwhich lunches" to start with:

1.  Crunch and Munch
I think this whole lunch might be a hit with both kids.  Might sub out the tomatoes for red pepper or carrots. I believe there is a spinach dip in that foil section.
 2.  Pizza With Pizazz
No one in this family will deny pizza, so this should work perfectly!  I will need another idea for the soup (will be cold).  I could probably leave it out entirely because I am feeding young kids with small bellies.

3.  It's A Wrap
I could use any fruit or veggie on hand.  Changing the bread to a fun wrap sandwich might boost the enthusiasm about lunch.  And opting for pretzel "nuggets" vs. the traditional twist might be novel as well!

4.  Breakfast for Lunch
We eat breakfast for dinner A LOT, so why not for lunch!??!  I should have thought of this long ago.  Again, my kids should eat all of this.

Do you have any suggestions for my anti-sandwich kids?  I would love to hear them! 

Leave me a comment/link.  If I get a bunch, I will do a post of all the anti-sandwhich ideas here on my blog!

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