Thursday, September 8, 2011

Butterfly Sandwich + Potty Train + Features = a bunch of Whatever

I just made a butterfly sandwich.

I don't even know if I made it correctly. I thought about taking a picture, but you would just make fun. It was one of those, "you really need to use your imagination" kind of things. My daughter asked me specifically for a butterfly sandwich in her lunch tomorrow. I had to ask her what that was. She described that is was a sandwich in the shape of a butterfly. She said I didn't have to worry about the head. (How kind.) I just cut the bread in a couple of triangles and stuck some toothpicks in a sugar snap pea to make antennae and also to hold the butterfly together. I don't know. Maybe she'll fall for it. Obviously some awesome mom to one of her lucky classmates knows all about these sandwiches. I will have to find out who she is, I guess.
I did not make this.  I found it here

Other than that, I started potty training my son, Henry. He is two. He has been running around in his underwear much of this week. You can see he is a Thomas the Train fan. He refers to this process as the Potty Train.


Hey by the way, did you notice my sidebar? Over there ---------> (and up near the top...)

Three more blogs that have featured a craft from my blog! I can't!

It was funny, last night I was scrolling through a blog and I was like, "Hey that's Stella's arm!"
I saw the picture but it didn't click in my head right away what my photo was doing elsewhere!
Very cool.

I do have a few new projects that I want to make. Picked up some supplies today, in fact! Me and Mr. Potty Train ran some errands. He suffered through a trip to Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabrics. He paid me back at naptime. However, these new projects will have to wait. I just started a new-new project today- it was something that I envisioned in my head and now am trying to bring it to reality. So far so good. I can't say what it is though. It is going to be a gift so I can't blow the surprise! I smell my glue gun heating up...that's all I can say!  

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  1. Thanks for your comment about the casing tip on my blog! This is my first visit here to yours and it's adorable! I like your "Bucket List" page idea :) Your newest follower :) Hope you have a great rest of the week!


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