Thursday, September 15, 2011

Between naptime and school pick up...

And just as I was getting ready to write a new post, the little man wakes up.  Darn it!  But I guess since I am here I will chat for a minute.  I have not forgotten about you, little crafty blog and my hundred or so readers, I am just flying solo right now while my husband is out of town and I haven't been able to squeeze in the blog.

I know many of you probably manage just fine when the hubby's gone, but I am pretty certain I barely get by even when he is here.  I know, I only have 3 kids and I don't homeschool or run an etsy shop (at least for the past year) so I am sure you are wondering what my problem is on why I can't find time to craft and blog.  I am wondering the same thing!  ha!  Hang on now, I am not looking for pity, I am just telling ya that I am still here.  Not complaining, just babbling.  We are doing laundry, and homework, going to the gym and soccer practices, and potty training (which is going like textbook- or better!!).  And I have learned that an hour is not enough time for me to get everybody bathed and ready for bed and teeth brushed and stories read each night.  Do I really need to start getting the kids ready for bed at 6:30?  And I know that my youngest is going to get out of bed 15 times before finally staying there.  And if I stand up in his doorway, it will speed up the falling asleep time.  And I won't get to the kitchen to pack lunches until 9:30.  Doesn't Supernanny say the bedtime routine should be much shorter than that?  I agree.  I must be doing something wrong.  And I know that there is plenty of time from 10pm to ?? to make stuff, but I am just so exhausted that my eyes barely stay open.  You don't want me operating a sewing machine or glue gun when I can't see straight. 

I did finish my project for my friend, took pics, and can't wait to share!  

Also an update on that butterfly sandwich...she hated it and told me I made it wrong.  I only own one cookie cutter, a very small heart.  I had to turn the butterfly into a few small heart sandwiches. Maybe I need a butterfly cookie cutter?

Gotta get the kids from school.  Such a loud part of my day.


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