Friday, September 30, 2011

Johhny Appleseed in 45 min or less

OK. So I KNEW about today being a day that my son could dress up (if he wanted) like Johnny Appleseed. I knew this last week. I just didn't know that he actually wanted to dress up until last night! Holy Crap. I could have made something cute...clever...creative. But maybe I did just enough work for a one-time-deal!

This was me last night:
6:45 - Panic, when Nicholas tells me he really wants to dress up and everyone in the class is dressing up, too.  OK Kate, Try not to panic.
6:45:30 - Wait!      What does Johnny Appleseed even look like?!     Google it!
6:47 - Ok. ok.     Set out one (and only) pair of jeans, white t shirt...what else?!    
We need a vest. And something apple-y.     Ok, go!
6:48 - Ping Calmly search the house for old shirts, vests...vest...nothing.     Come on, Kate, think THINK!   Scour mom's clothes, dad's clothes, even old baby clothes...STOP you are getting off track.     What else?!
6:49 - Just grab anything!!!       Felt. Scraps. OH an old pillow cover!!     YES. Perfect size.      Grab a button down shirt to measure.
6:50 - Clear a spot on the kitchen table and START DOING SOMETHING!      AAAAH!     
OK. Lay out pillow cover. Shirt on top. Chalk outline.      Mess up.    Do again...ok,        ok.     Start Cutting.
 Use existing seams.      Not exactly sure what I am doing but at least I am doing something, I figure.
 Cut arm holes.      Make it look even if you can, Kate.
Cut the front
6:53 - Crap. I didn't leave room for seam allowance or for hemming.      Quick! Bias tape, bias tape....OOOH PERFECT!       A mistake-purchase!! Use that!
Cheat on bias tape....don't measure, just SEW!      Pedal to the metal.
7:05 - Crap.      Kids are coming inside for a bath. I am still sewing.
7:17 - Done sewing bias tape and side seam.

Ran out of bias tape...just "fringe" the bottom!

7:18 - Now Nick is hovering over me telling me what HE wants the outfit to look like. I can't do this right now.      I am in the ZONE.
7:19 - Just start cutting felt:      Brown for sack. Red for apple.      Freehand cut the apple while Nick chants "my mom can cut! my mom can cut!"        HELLO....Did he not see the part where I turned a pillow case into a vest!!!!!!! : )
7:22 - Sew the bag.      Add a cord for a strap.      (Even though this is CLEARLY NOT the bag that my son wants, it's what he is getting.)
7:25 - Bust out the Fabri-Tac and glue the apple pieces on.      Be neat. Home stretch now.      Careful, Kate, you can't mess up now!

7:30 - WHEW.      Done!

Not bad. Not bad.

They are making the hats in class today so his teacher asked them not to wear a hat.     Nicholas was thrilled with the outfit (a break from his uniforms, at the least).   I think he didn't even mind his apple purse! : )

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  1. Hahaha, I had to smile on your post. I imagined my brother in that situation. We would probably found out about that he want to dress up even later. P.S. thank on your comment at my place :)


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