Friday, September 23, 2011

Lotus Flowers for my Beautiful Friend

Last week I mentioned a new craft I was working on, well, ta-da!

Stemmed Fabric Lotus Flowers.
Because I discovered it is not that easy to buy a real lotus flower.  
One of my dearest friends just opened up her very own yoga studio.  Six years ago I met her, and began taking yoga classes out of her home.  And I am so incredibly proud of her!  I wanted to send her flowers for the occasion.  I really wanted to send her lotus flowers.  You know, the real kind.

Then I googled it and found out that it would be a bit complicated to do that.  I went to bed that night with an idea of making a lotus flower.  The next day when I went to buy fabric, I loved so many that I made a dozen lotus flowers!

I just love how each one takes a different shape.  

I will post a tutorial next week if you want to make these...

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  1. Hi Kate. You left a comment on my blog, so I had to come over to visit. What a pretty blog you have. :) I'm going to follow you - and can't wait to come back when I more time. Nice to "meet" you!


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