Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sometimes being a mom means:

1.  You don't get even ten minutes a day to do something that you want to do (blog, sew something, pee, etc.).  And that's ok.  I suppose.  

2.  Your kids are going to stress you out so much that you can barely think straight. You won't have the answer to the problem(s) but you are committed to finding them.  (and if anyone knows why my son is saying he misses me so much that he doesn't want to go to school, cries about it, and puts up a fight about it every morning- or how to fix this- I am all ears!).  I feel like I need a do-over of this week!

3.  Some days and weeks you are the dad, too.  You don't cower because the job is hard and you don't get a break, you suck it up and face it with guts and grit.  Put on your game-face, Kate!

4.  There is a plus side.  Somewhere.  Like, your two-year old is a sucky napper but by golly he is potty trained!  (Really, I have to choose between diapers or sleep?  Really?)

5.  Standards/Progress/Achievement are on a sliding scale.  Checking one thing off your To Do list is better than nothing- even if all it meant was sending a txt message (instead of calling) to RSVP for that birthday party.  Bills not yet paid, dishes still in sink, hair not fixed, and kid on lap now as I type because 58 minutes is all I got today.  But in addition to the RSVP text, I did get to eat a half-sandwich and an apple, look up some ideas for a possible GI Joe birthday party, collected a couple Bucket List ideas (to add soon) and share these 5 thoughts with you so you know I am still here.  

For example, #4:
Down side:  Everything that was in the drawer is now on the floor and I have to clean that mess up.  

Plus side:  He told me this was "blue"!         On the second guess.  

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