Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today is a Big Girl Day!

My little girl is 5 today!  Where has the time gone?!  We all say that, don't we?

I have had so many half-done crafts and half-written posts to put here this week, but, birthdays come first!  So instead of showing you my t-shirt embellishing projects, the glitter shoes, the beaded necklace I made, a top for me I am working on, and all the other goodies in pause-mode right now.  I will show you what I HAVE been doing this week:

Paper Bunting:

I just sewed paper triangles to a ribbon using a zig zag stitch.  

And Paper Garland:

I broke down and bought a circle punch (I don't have a fancy paper cutter- just my scissors!).  Then I stacked two circles so it would be pretty on both sides and sewed together with a straight stitch.

And cupcakes for school:

Just regular box mixes and my homemade buttercream frosting.

Lots of it!

And yes, this is my attempt at the Rose Cake...except when you realize at ten o'clock the night before that you don't actually have Wilton tip #1M!!!!  

In that case you do the next best thing...improvise with tip #30.  
It is more like a swirly carnation cake!
However, I told myself that if she didn't think they looked like "roses" then I would redo it in the morning.  That is, if trying to convince her bribe her didn't work first.

What's up with the resolution of these pics anyway?  I don't have time to fix 'em now...they aren't too bad, I hope.

Off to the school in about an hour.  I am clearing off the video camera as we speak.  I am still in PJs.  Pizza and swirly carnation cake and chocolate ice cream tonight!
Happy 5th Birthday to our "Stella-Bella"!!  
(That's not really her middle name.  Please don't think I give my kids rhyming names. )
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  1. super cute! I used some of that same paper for my nieces 1st birthday which is also today! Super fun!

  2. Such a warm and love moment to share with others. Time flies, your girl is 5. My girl is getting married this month ! Treasure the time while she's a little darling.


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