Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cupcakes with Homemade Buttercream (recipe)

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to frosting. Some like the whippy kind, some like the sugary kind...and I love, love, love buttercream. Sweet, melty, buttery, lick-my-lips-for-like-five-minutes-after-I-eat-it buttercream frosting.

My daughter just had a birthday and wanted me to bring cupcakes to her class. What!? Did I just hear an opportunity to make (and eat) buttercream frosting? Yipee! Yahoo!


So baked cupcakes. And I appeased her by making little cardstock cupcake wrappers with her favorite gal, Strawberry Shortcake, on them. Then she got sick. Real sick. Like vomitty sick. All three of my kids got vomitty sick. During her birthday. It was a long week, my friends. Now, luckily, I hadn't frosted the cupcakes I had just baked them. So I put them in the freezer until everyone was better.

So today is the big day for cupcakes at school. I just popped those babies right out of the freezer. Thawed for a bit. And then, finally, whipped up some oh so yummo buttercream. Ok are you just dying to know the recipe. It's not a secret. I just doctored up a recipe so that I would know it from memory.

The world's best buttercream frosting recipe:
2 sticks of butter (That's right 2!!!!), softened at room temp
1tsp vanilla
1lb box of powdered sugar (sifted, if you can)
2Tbsp half and half

1. In a mixer, cream butter. Then add vanilla. Mix together.
2. Add sifted sugar in four increments. Mixing well and scraping bowl after each addition.
3. Add 2 tablespoons of half and half. Mix. Scrape. Mix. Done.

Note: As if I am in any position to lecture on patience! Ha! But remember, some things take time and are worth waiting for. Please promise that you will properly soften your butter. It should be soft like lotion. Um, that's gross. I could just say, the butter should be the consistency of frosting, duh.

Cupcake wrappers were very easy. Next time I make some, I will post on my blog so that you can download them. I just didn't want to post one with a licensed character on it.

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  1. so pretty and im sure delicious!!! :)
    love em



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