Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday {5}:: Awe-inspiring Places I Have Been

I started a new Pinterest board a few weeks ago.  It is called Awesome Places I've Been.  I like to spend my Fridays sharing fun or random bits of info.  Today, it's a bit about me that you otherwise wouldn't learn via me talking about crafts and stuff.

I don't's a way that we might find some commonalities between us!

Various Sources on my Pinterest board.  Click photo to go to board.
Here are {5} (international) places I have been that have made lasting impressions.
For me, this list is more about the "experience" I had from visiting each place that you just cannot get from a picture or staying at a nice resort.

1.  Tahiti
I truly felt like I was on the edge of the earth.  Incredible beauty and an island lifestyle that I found most intriguing.  Heaven on earth!

2.  Thailand
Bangkok was wow.  Chaing Mai was mystical.  But I think what was the best part of the trip was when my friend and I brought food to the monks on the first dawn we were in the country.

3.  Boracay, Philippines
I was young and adventurous.  I traveled with a backpack and no reservations.  It took two planes, a filthy 2-hr van ride, and a outrigger boat ride to get to the island.  There we walked up the beach and chose a hotel that luxuriously offered a/c and running water and we paid extra for hot water.  No phones.  No TV.  It was like $35 a night or something crazy! My friends and I were there for simple relaxation but we left with memories that we can't forget.  Leaving out so many incredible details here...We met a family at a neighboring island.  It was life changing.  It was moving.  Special.  Eventful.  Their children sang to us.  We ate mangoes that were freshly whacked down (with a machete) from their tree in front of their house.  And we were lucky they shared an afternoon of their life with us outsiders.

4.  South Korea
I spent a year here.  It was all an awesome adventure- the food, the smells, the language, the customs!  But what stands out the most is a trip to the DMZ in South Korea (De-Militarized Zone is also the border with North Korea).

5.  The Great Wall of China
Still amazes me that people built that.  With their hands.

Do you have any places you have been that made you FEEL something?  Made you realize how lucky your life is or how small we really are?  Any awesome experiences you have burned into memory?  You know I would LOVE to hear about it!


  1. Oh Kate, this is so amazing!! I wish so bad I could say I've been to even one of those places! I was one of those who married young, had kids young and here I am still! I wouldn't change, b/c it's me... but there are definitely times I wish I would have loosened up a little bit and just gone somewhere! What amazing adventures you've had!

    1. Well, I was kind of in the "gotta make the best of it" situation for most of these trips. Opportunities presented themselves and I just jumped on them without thinking too much about it, I guess. Thankful I did. I am from a small town so just about anything can be an adventure! I am always so interested in the lifestyles of other places. Thanks Natalie!!

  2. Hey! We did the Great Wall together! I have the sweaty pictures to prove it!

    1. YES! We were very sweaty!! It was very humid in China. We must have walked 45min.


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