Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Party Favors: A Crafty Treat Bag

I thought I would do one last post about Stella's 5th birthday.  'Cuz these little party favors were pretty neat!

Each partygoer got a treat bag that had a pack of fruit chews, some M&M cookies and a blank canvas & bag of craft supplies.

I bought the 4x4 canvases from Michael's in a 9-pack with my 40% coupon (twice!  I needed two packs).  That made each canvas about $1.33 each.  Then the craft supplies, well, it was part Wal-Mart craft aisle and part Kate's de-stash!  

There were sequins, beads, feathers, papers, ribbons, gems, buttons, felt, and a glue stick.

I printed a little note for each bag.

I thought this party favor was quite representative of Stella, my crafter.  And then by giving the kids the canvases, I thought they might have a chance of staying out of the garbage can at least a little longer than the typical party favor.  

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  1. That's adorable. Did you make up the poem? Very very clever!

    1. I did. I wasn't planning on a poem- just a a note. But as I started typing it just started rhyming and so I went with it.

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  3. I LOVE the idea of the little crafts in the goodie bag! I would have loved this as a kid (and still now!)

  4. That's adorable. I love unique favors, because as you said, a lot of them DO end up in the trash and that's no fun. Adding a canvas was such an adorable idea...and love the poem.


  5. That is just too cute! I love it! What a sweet little poem.

  6. What a fun party favor, I love how it's an activity and not a little piece of plastic junk that will break in a day or two! Thank you for linking up to A Crafty Soiree. I've featured your link in this week's new one.

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