Friday, March 16, 2012

Been there!

Have you all seen this map floating around Pinterest lately?  It is currently on my travel board.  Well, this one is mine!

I will tell you what- this makes it SO much easier for my husband and I to play this game!  Last summer we had a short getaway (sans kids) and in the car I finally wrote our list on paper.  Which I also thought was fun to do because I made myself write all 50 states in alphabetical order.  I think I just lost a few readers with that dorky statement!  Anyway...I saw this map earlier this week on Pinterest and took a go at it.  (Don't think I am some kind of road trip queen, most of this is probably thanks to the military!)

Now, according to the map's rules you mark any state you have been in for any reason.

My husband and I play this game with the rule you can't just land in the airport/drive through you must DO something in that state to qualify.  And getting gas does not count.  So if those were the rules then I would have to take Rhode Island and Connecticut off the list because I only drove through and got gas on my way from NJ to Boston once.  And Tennessee, too.  I have only driven through  TN.

If you are curious what I was doing in your state...just ask : )


  1. lol. Your quiz, putting the states in alphabetical order, is right down my alley. I'm assuming the white states are those you've not been in? glad to see you visited Wisconsin. And a word of advice? Nebraska is a looooooooong way across, so I'd go north to south if I were you. :-) And you've got to see the big skies of Montana!

  2. Wow! That's pretty impressive! I hope you can color in Maine someday soon! :)

  3. WOW!!! I want to do this!!! ;)
    I can not even name all of the states..... :o

  4. Wow...nice. I have a good number of states filled in, but not as many as you do! My husband has the same rules. I didn't. lol So now I have 2 maps. One with my rules (in which I do count driving through a state because most states you have to get out of the car at some point - but NOT counting airports, because that is kind of cheating). So, what in the world were you doing in Delaware? That's where I live now, and it's such a small state, that with your rules, it makes me super curious. :)


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