Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Best of 2011

I know we are 4 days into 2012, but for me this feels a bit like day 1.  Kids are back to school.  Me back to the gym.  Everyone back to the routine.

Oh, yeah.  And I am ready to blog!

As I look ahead to this new year, I wanted to take a sec and look back at what was "popular" here at Craft Whatever during 2011.  These are the Top 5 viewed posts, which also happen to be tutorials.

#2.  Free Printable Sticky Note Holder (a Teacher Appreciation idea)

#3.  Ottoman Slipcover with a Box Pleat (I made this from a shower curtain!)

#4.  Hideaway Headband Holder
OH gracious!  My daughter is a total headband girl.  Today she asked for "two small ponytails and a headband" when I was getting her ready for school.  These dozen or so headbands used to clog the bathroom drawer!  But now, they are neatly kept inside the cabinet.  At bathtime she puts one away.  And in the morning she takes one out.  So simple.  So tidy.  

#5.  Getting Organized with a Binder (my twist on the household "cleaning" binder)
This has been one of my best ideas e.v.e.r. to keep myself organized.  I know where everything is.  "It's in the binder!"  Right now, the binder is a tad messy and needs cleaned out, but, hey everything is still in there!

Also, bear with me as I *TRY* and revamp my blog.  It needs to look professional and less home-made.  However I don't want to pay for profe$$ional.  And I *think* I can DIY it. 

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