Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Junky Messy Rooms {before pics}

...THIS is what I was working on during our 3-day weekend!...
I know, fun, right?!
Introducing, the  "old" office-except-Kate's-sewing-crap-has-taken-over-room...
And I wonder why I can't get anything done in there!

...and my dresser in my bedroom!

I can't believe I showed you that!

It is a total mess.  These two rooms, that is.  I am surprised my entire house doesn't look the same way!  I think I am on my way to becoming a hoarder!  Am I in the early stages?!  Do they pay you to be on those shows, btw?  

A week or so ago, I saw this little challenge, if you will, by Rachael over at Lovely Crafty Home (a really great blog that I stalk read often). First of all, that girl, she put her pictures of her "crap corner" right out there on her blog!  There it was.  All of her mess.  On the internet.  I LOVE IT!  Then, she challenged her readers to link up a pic of their own messes and then clean it up before the end of January.  There will be a contest and a winner.  But I was too chicken to enter- I really didn't think I could do it this month.  It's not that I didn't think I would "qualify"- OH I'd say this qualifies alright:

I always said that if I ever had a blog, I would post the pictures of my messes.  My real life.  So we can all feel normal and okay.

It's a little embarrassing to post pictures of my bedroom mess because people I actually know read here sometimes.  (I swear, this just happened since Christmas- see the wrapping paper?  Plus, we cleaned out our closet, Shawn just got back in town, etc.).  We're still friends, right?

But you should see it now!  Well, you can't yet.  It is still in the transition stages.  I'd say 90% of what you see in the picture above is gone!  But believe me, once it is done, I will be happy to show you.

My husband was so willing to help me was bribed with a new tv for our bedroom once we get done move furniture and clean up and purge our crap this weekend, too!  He was super helpful until all the big stuff was done.  There is still lots to do! But the main furniture moving is done.  I am going to like the new set up.  Once it is all cleaned up.

Do you have a mess like this?  Am I the only one?  Does the new year motivate you to clean up your crap, too?


  1. Of course you're not the only one. lol My desk, especially, is always a mess, our room is a mess, and when I'm making anything, it's always a mess during the project. However, I do keep my kitchen clean. Can't stand a messy kitchen. And as for the mess on my desk? Well, I'm really visual, so it helps to keep things out where I can see them. Good excuse, huh! My theory is that progress is messy! Enjoyed your post. :-)

  2. oh girl! you are so not alone! no matter how many times i TRY to fix up our office/craft/play room (which by the way is the smallest room of the house next to the laundry room...ugh) it ALWAYS gets messy. i hate that room. i'm actually supposed to be working on it now...we can see how well that is going. lol

  3. LOL! You're writing in such a funny way! It was very entertaining! Thanks for dropping by my place earlier. I'm gonna post some more tips and links in the future, so stay tuned! Hope you stick around!
    Love, Olga

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