Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to Fix a Loose Screw {Handy-woman DIY Trick}

During the Christmas break, I had a screw loose.

Not THAT kind of "screw loose" and not ME, per se.  

It was the side rail on the bunkbed that I assembled about a month before.  
I really don't like bunkbeds, however, this purchase has given the kids so much more space in their room to play that it was worth it.  I just ordered one from and had it delivered to my house (shipping was a whopping $14, I'd say that was worth it!).  It was only  a small pain to put together but it really is a very nice and sturdy bed.  

Except for this pesky screw that sort of popped out.

The problem is that is can't just be tightened.  It is a wood screw and it basically got loose in the wood.  So you might say it was "stripped" or something like that.  But it was important to fix.  And this might happen to you on a hinge on a wooden cabinet or even on latch plate inside your door jam.  Follow me?

Well the solution is s.i.m.p.l.e!   Any guesses??  

If you said "toothpick" then you already know this trick!

{Handy-woman DIY Trick}  The Toothpick Trick:

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1.  Remove the screw (and wipe off the artwork from your 4-yr old!).
2.  Get a wooden toothpick!  
3.  Put toothpick in the hole and break/cut off so the pick is completely in the hole.
4.  Drive screw back in.

What happened is your screw wiggled and eventually bore a bigger hole in your wood.  Well then there isn't anything for the screw to grip onto now.  By placing a toothpick in the hole, it fills the gap and the screw twists into the pick.  Putting everything back into place.

**Please note, this is not going to work on drywall or with screw anchors.  This is just for a screw in wood coming loose.
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  1. Now THAT is clever! I'll remember that one. Thanks for the tip. :-)

    1. Thanks! It's one of those you file away until you need it one day.

  2. Love your blog! In fact, you're an award winner at mine! :) Check it out:

  3. Toothpicks have endless possibilities, and you just taught me another use for them! :)
    Will have to remember this in the future.

  4. Brilliant solution. Thanks for sharing it...I've run into the problem before, and will surely run into it again and now I'll be at the ready with toothpick in hand! ;)
    Arrived via TCB...cheers!

  5. I just tried this on a cupboard door where the screws had worked loose on one of the hinges -- it worked like a charm! Thank you!!

  6. OMG, your blog is amazing ! I am a handy men, but many people don't even know where a screwdriver is for.


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