Monday, January 23, 2012

Last-Second (un-crafty) Gift Tags

We went to a couple kids' birthday parties this weekend (super fun!) and I realized that there are some crafty things that don't look so crafty at the last second- like trying to slap together a handmade gift tag *just* before you have to leave.  Seems I always have the gift in time...occasionally I have it wrapped a day before the party...but I forget about the tag until I grab my keys to leave!  And I did it again this weekend- twice!

The best I could come up with in 10 seconds was this:

I just used a pad of printed paper (4x6 size I believe) and cut the papers in half and then into a tag shape by snipping off the corners.  (I just eyeballed it so they were crooked, too.)  I did make one a giant size and just snipped the corners off the 4x6 paper.  It was kinda funny how big it was.  Fitting for a 3-yr old birthday.  

I mean, they were cute, but not Cuuuuute!  Therefore, I resolve for 2012 to wrap better, cuter gifts!  This means having cute tags and bows on hand at any given moment!  This means, I need to get a move on this because there is another birthday party to go to next weekend.

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  1. Okay, so maybe they're not cuuuuuuuuuuute, but they are cute and that's good enough. Besides, so much nicer that going out and buying tags. There's just no reason to do that with cute papers around the house.


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