Friday, January 20, 2012

{Gettting Organized} The Blog!

We all know it is January!  Which means I, like many of you, am in the process of reorganizing my life, my home and my blog.  This is the month that we all rethink our goals and our outlooks and the placement of furniture in our homes!  You know you do! : )  How can we make our lives refreshed?  What goals can we set to help us stay in this refreshed state of mind?  You know, that kinda thing.

I have lots of new-ish bloggers who read here, so I wanted to share this helpful blogging tip today!

Well, one goal/resolution/idea/thing-I-want-to-do is to be a better blogger.  I have been a blog stalker for years.  A family blog writer for longer (and an inconsistent one at that!).  And now a craft and DIY blog owner for almost one year.  I can't say that my blog is hugely different today from when I started.  I mean, it is better.  Waaay better.  But I used to be a shoot-for-the-moon girl.  Apparently I lost that edge somewhere {I won't blame the kids...}.  What IS hugely different today from one year ago, is my blogging attitude.  When I started this blog, I was blogging willy-nilly or just 3-days a week at best.  I wasn't organized enough to keep up with more.  And I really didn't want to.  I was just "trying it on", if you will.  My blogging goal for last year was to just get comfy here.  And write (which always scares me!  Like, I only applied for colleges with no essays or very short ones on their applications, and I was an engineering major so I didn't have to write 20-page papers!  Had to do one for my MBA and nearly killed me!)  I have just always been afraid of my writing...too much and you tune me out...too little and you don't know what I am saying. {I just deleted like 3 sentences here that I thought were "too much"! see?}   My outlook today is different- I want better for my blog- looks, content, fun!  

One thing that has really REALLY helped me (so far) is using a blogging calendar.  It basically is just a simple list of what I want to post each day.  I do it in advance so that I can work on crafts and photos and posts well in advance instead of at the last minute.  I think these calendars have improved the quantity and the quality of my posts (so far).  

Thought I would pass along some nice blogging calendars that I have found on the web.  

I am currently using this one from Living Locurto:

Another nice one is here from Amy Bayliss.  I really like the monthly view.  I can set up the whole month by jotting an idea/topic in each date.  Then I can elaborate with the weekly one above.

And a third nice one that I found and printed out.  This one is from Evelyn Kate Designs.

AND...there are 3 more blogging calendars here at Simply Sweet Home!  Jerri did a great job of collecting calendars and blogging them all in one spot!  It was one of her most popular posts in 2011...hop on over!
from Oh the Lovely Things
I know not everyone here is a blogger.  So I apologize for being so narrow in my focus today-  gawsh!!  I think there are some changes to be made to these calendars, sure.  But I can cross out the headings and at least it is a platform.  If anyone has a blogging calendar they like let me know!
Happy weekend!

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  1. This is very helpful! I have only been blogging about a month, so I am just getting to the point where I need to plan ahead and organize my ideas. Thanks so much for the different calendar links!

  2. I heard you have been painting recently....

  3. Wonderful post, so helpful! Thank you so much for including my blog planner :)

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my blogging calendar! Be sure to check out my cleaning calendar as will leave you more time for blogging and checking out your fav. blogs!! I'm your newest follower. Ashley @

  5. Thank you! I'm on a 52 week journey to simplify my life and this will help.

    Hope you are having a beautiful day and have had a beautiful meal with the people you love today. We just finished our meal and are about to go pick out our Christmas tree.

    What were you thankful for today? I´ve been doing thankful Thursdays this month on my blog Today I covered how I was thankful for my home and its inhabitants.


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