Saturday, November 12, 2011

What to Wear :: Family Picture Outfit Ideas

What to Wear :: Family Picture
I created this at

What to Wear :: Family Picture by craftwhatever 
I think I made a new friend...her name is Polyvore.  She helped me make this awesome picture you see here!

Such a neat-o little tool I found at!  

I have been trying to come up with outfits and color combinations for our family picture all day long (because I am going to take it next weekend, which is another story).  Mostly this was all going on in my head.  But I started out by raiding everyone's closets and grabbing things I thought might work.  Then I laid them out across my bed.  Overlapping and overlaying and under-envisioning.  I have most of the clothing pieces to make a complete outfit set, but I still have shopping to do and couldn't picture what our picture was going to look like with one shirt missing in the line up across my bed.

Then after the kids were in bed, I hopped over to polyvore and checked it out.  Man O Man!  I just clicked on "create" and started searching and dragging and dropping.  I wanted to start with our clothing as the base and then add on from there.  So I searched for each article of clothing from each individual store but found that was too tedious for what I was trying to accomplish.  I just wanted an inspiration board, if you will, of what we might look like all together.  So I just searched through Old Navy brand clothing and then narrowed down by colors or key words.  Then I resized each piece so I could get a better visual of we might look like.  Then after I finished it, and I liked it, I registered for an account.  Then I sent it to blogger as a draft right from polyvore!  Too easy!  

All day I just couldn't picture it in my head...maybe you are gifted like that...but this polyvore thing is exactly what I needed!  I can see LOTS more of this in the future.  Oh, can you imagine if this was around when you were in high school!!!!  

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  1. Awesome feature. I bet that's super helpful.:)

  2. That sounds like a very cool site! I just went through the Family Photo Outfit drama last week!! So stressful, right??? We survived ours thankfully!!!


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