Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Clean Up on Aisle Sewing Table!

Here.  I will show you what I tackled today.  Brace yourself...Yes, it's a mess.  

There.  I'm not afraid.  I showed you.  Now maybe you feel better about your house and realize it's not that bad.  How can I make anything in that mess!??!!  

I SO WISH I could blame this on our recent earthquakes we have had here in OKC (there was another last night!).   

This is what my craft/sewing area has looked like for the past several weeks.  It was really impeding my interest to get in there and make anything.  Meanwhile, my "ideas list" has been growing and growing.  I am jotting down Christmas ideas and things we need around the house and just other quick-to-make stuff every day.  But when I wade through the crap just to get to the computer my energy is gone and my inspiration is lost in the rubble that lay everywhere.  

I guess, today, I just had enough.  I actually wanted to go shopping.  Gap was having a $40 off sale and Old Navy was having 30% off and Bath and Body Works was having a sale and I have two coupons.  Only about twice a year do I truly want to go shopping- fall and spring.  And I need stuff this year.  Some of my basics have worn out and need replaced.  But today was no good.  Kids had a half day of school and it was nasty wet and cold out.  Besides, I am going Friday, sans children, to the new outlet mall.  I hope I am not disappointed.  

Instead of shopping, I cleaned.  And organized.  And threw things away.  And ended up with this:

Not a craft room that would be pinned on Pinterest or anything like that.  Not embarrassing anymore though.  And ready for a new crafty idea.  Just thought I would show you what I did since 2:30 this afternoon.  

(I will be catching up on comments tomorrow!)

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  1. It looks great! You should have seen my craft room 6 months ago! It was TERRIBLE. Now my 17 yr. old daughter is living in that room. No more mess!


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