Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Advent Calendar (my felt creation from 2010)

Hey!  Good to be back after such a whirlwind Thanksgiving Break!  We drove to be with our family- an 18 hour drive- and we drove it all in one day!  Holy cow!  Left at 3:30am (Central Time) and pushed on until 10:30pm (Eastern Time).  With three kids...I still don't know how we did it!  We drove it in two days on our way back.  (We aren't that crazy!)  But now it is back to the grind at home.  We have been feverishly putting up Christmas decorations before my husband has to go out of town again.  

I pulled this little beauty out of a storage bin today!

It's my:
 Homemade Advent   Calendar.

 I made this last year just off the cuff!

And I started it just hours before we needed to start using it!

I still remember buying all the supplies with only a vague idea of what I wanted it to look like.  For weeks, though, I had been admiring  this one which was inspired by this one.  (These two are beautiful and neat and perfection!)  I decided not to set myself up for failure disappointment, and took a more relaxed approach.  
I was going for a crafty-felty-whimsy-colorful motif!  

I remember I was dreading all of the hand-sewing that was involved (because I am quite allergic to that!).  But then I found it was actually much easier than I was imagining!

Come back tomorrow and I will show you how I made this!  I am working on a pictorial for it right now.  You will see how simple it is to make!
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  1. so fun!!!! i hope you have to time to link it up to tell me tuesday!!! i love it..and have a life time supply of felt so i think i will try!!!


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