Friday, November 18, 2011

{The Friday 5}:: Things I am Loving Today

Oh wow, it has been a long week!  My husband gets back in town today (hallelujah!) and boy is he going to be shocked at what a mess the house is!!  He was so, so, so thoughtful before he left- he got the house tidied up, caught me up on all of the laundry, and pulled down the Christmas decorations from the attic so I could, you know, decorate all week.  So funny!  But now, laundry hampers are full and heavy, food crumbs are all over the kitchen floor, half the kids' toys are in the living room.  OH, and I started assembling bunkbeds which were delivered this week and I am only half done.  So maybe only one kid sleeps in a proper bed right now.  Maybe the other two are on mattresses on the floor and I have a half-assembled bed in my foyer area.   

But this morning, I had no time.  Sorry, but yoga class is waaaaay more "important" than scrubbing my house : )   Sometimes I stress about how I can never seem to have my Shtuff together!  But today, I am just laughing it off.  Ahuhhuhuha!   

I wanted to share my "5 Things I am Loving Today" with you:

1.  My new purse.  It's pretty.  I needed a new one.  More grown up.  Less junior high book-bag-looking.  Let's just say that I could have spent way more but I got it at an outlet last Friday.  Finally took her for a spin yesterday.  Felt so special!  
2.  Oatmeal.  I bought every flavor in hopes that my kids would share my craving for a hot bowl on these cooler mornings.  Even found chocolate chip oatmeal.  
3.  Glitter.  The Martha Stewart glitter to be precise.  It's not a new product, just new to me.  Everything I look at, I envision it glittered.  I am making a hit list.  
4.  Almond Milk.  It's not necessarily the milk that love, it's the way I feel since I have switched from cow's milk.
5.  Fleece Pants.  Ok, now you think I am really weird!  I have two pairs and I wish I could wear them everyday!!  One pair is 6yrs old from Campmor the others are Nike.  I think they are supposed to be used for cold weather running or cross country skiing.  I just wear them around the house.  Eating my oatmeal and almond milk.  Wearing my glittered hairclips.  Purse sitting someplace where I can admire it.  Need.more.fleece.pants!

Have a great GREAT weekend! 

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