Friday, November 4, 2011

{The Friday 5}:: Ironic and True

I am going to start a little blog post on Fridays called "The Friday 5".  Original, I know.

Sometimes during my week I think of ideas to share but then they get lost in my head.  This one came back into my mind this week when some odd things happened that I thought were funny, ironic, or just worth sharing.  

1.  Recently, I got pulled over by the police.  First time in years!  AndI was in my garage.  Yes.  I know!  

2.  I know my purse is big.  But I didn't realize it was that big until I saw a couple of jr. high girls carrying my purse as their book bags!!   geesh.

3.  The "supposedly awesome" coffee pot... that I spend hours  days   ok so much time I am embarrassed to say! researching to make sure I had the best coffee pot fifty bucks could buy!!...bit the dust!  It didn't even last three years.  This time I drove to Target.  Mindlessly grabbed the cheapest one.  And went home.  Coffee tasted the same!  Ahahahahaha!

4.  I made a camera strap cover that also has a pocket to hold my lens cap.  I have been wanting to make this so that I wouldn't lose it.  But, funny, I lost it before I finished the strap cover.  So much for the special pocket for my lens cap.

5.  How can I call myself crafty when I didn't even make one stitch of my kids' Halloween costumes this year!  (or last year for that matter!)  Need to step up my craftiness, like asap!

Have a great weekend.  We are celebrating my son's 7th birthday this weekend!  

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  1. I'll try to follow your blog post. And I hope to see new ideas on your blogs.


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