Thursday, October 27, 2011

And the Liebster Awards Go to...

Again, Thank you to Michele at The Domesticated Mama for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award.

Like I said yesterday, I had never heard of "Liebster".  I read on Michele's blog that it highlights up-and-coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  So I fit right in to that category!  You can google Liebster blog and see what other blogs have won the award.

I am calling it a "share the love award" because I think that is basically what it is.  And remember, who doesn't love "love"?

I also think this is a way to connect with other new bloggers and tell each other, don't give up just because we aren't big-time (yet).  So now that I have accepted this award, I have also accepted the responsibilities that go along with it.

There are rules, in fact.
1. Show your gratitude to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the Internet - other writers (and in this case, a fellow Mama!)
5. Best of all...have fun!!

Here are my picks for the Liebster Blog Award:  
1.  Kashoan at Krafty Kash
This girl was the first blogger to reach out to me.  She even invited me to do a guest post which I totally flaked on and never seemed to work up the nerve to do! But she is awesome!  She is a clever mother, etsy shop owner, and she is already taking her blog to the next level!  

2.  Amanda at The Little Giggler
Amanda was so kind to feature me on her blog. I think that was my first feature, too! She is super creative.  She comes up with things my brain would never come up with even if I tried really hard to think of something crafty!  She has a tad over 200 followers...I really wanted to award her anyways.

3.  Bethany at Pitter and Glink
A high school English teacher by day and crafter slash blogger the rest of the time.!  I think I would like teaching high school math someday...she could give me pointers on the big kids, since mine are very young.  Bethany has already done some really smart things with her blog!  Her blog looks great.  Her content is great!  Her photos are great!  She nailed it with a creative blog name.  She will be one to watch.

4.  Anna at Directions Not Included
Anna and her husband are remodeling their 1950s house and sharing all the details on their blog.  I love those home DIY shows on tv so this is just like that, for me.  I dream of one day gutting a house, or just a kitchen, to make it mine.  Anna also has lots of crafty ideas that she shares in between the major remodeling stuff (just blows me away!).  She is at 199 followers---you go girl!!

5.  Val at Living Out of the Box
Now, this is not a craft of DIY blog.  This is a blog about living life to the fullest!  Valerie is my dear, dear friend!  After you read her blog, you will wonder how I even know someone this awesome!  I know!  Val is living a dream life- jaunting between Colorado and Italy to study wine, language, and culture!  I met Val some 10 or so years ago when we were both Lieutenants in the Air Force!  But until she started writing on her blog, I really had no clue that she was such a TALENTED writer.  I bet she will write a book one day- something funny, for women, relatable, and brutally honest.  Check out her blog for some good reading!  Love you, girl!!

Hope you will agree with my picks.  Give them some love by following them, too!


  1. You are too sweet. Thanks for the award and congrats to you! So very well deserved!!

  2. Congrats to you! And wow! I'm so very flattered by your kind words! :)

  3. Kate - sorry it took me so long to click my way over here! I am not worthy of your beautiful words, but I am ever grateful for your friendship. I will be more than happy to pass the Liebster lovin' along in an appropriate post as well to some of my travel/drinking/crazy blogging friends and return the love to you many times over. Big hugs and miss you so so much! xo V


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