Monday, October 10, 2011

{Bucket List} Adding Four More Projects (#27-30)

Dear me!  My Craft Bucket List is really starting to grow.  Seems like I make one and add four!  How's that for productivity?!  

As you can see my ideas are all over the board- accessory, recipe, home-dec, and hair candy.  One thing they all have in common- they are all simple to make!  I should be able to knock these out soon.  right?    

#27.  Lotus Flower Pin
I came across this tutorial when I wanted to make lotus flowers for my friend.  It wasn't what I was looking for for the flower bouquet and it doesn't remind me of the lotus flower my friend has on her sign, but it is just stunning!  I want to make this for every cardigan sweater this winter!
Tutorial at Create and Delegate
#28.  Zucchini Fritters
I love zucchini!  And it is in season now.  These look so simple and would go with many different recipes as a side dish.  Can't wait to try them.
Recipe at Creating a Family Home

#29.  Bottle Cap Magnets
These are made with root beer caps.  I love root beer.  My husband loves root beer.  We also love cream soda.  After a long day we will sit down on the sofa and twist open a bottle of cold soda, put our feet up, and watch a little Modern Family.  
Tutorial at Let Birdz Fly

#30.  Felt Bows
Now we all know I am all thumbs when it comes to ribbon bows.  So why not try felt bows?!  My daughter lost two bows at school already.  I didn't know I had to keep a stash of reserves!
Tutorial at Sew Candid

And if any of my sisters are reading this if you ever see something you want me to make you for Christmas, let me know...bottle cap magnet, anyone : )  

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  1. o i want some bottle cap magnents also!! sooo darling:)


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