Friday, July 15, 2011

{Recipe}: Turkey Caesar Pitas

...Here is my go-to QUICK-don't-have-time-for-dinner dinner!...
I know summer is busy. I know having the kids home (all day, every day) it is difficult to accomplish anything. I know when it is 100 degrees outside a hot dinner is not appealing. So I give you you, my all-time favorite go-to recipe for times like this.

Reasons I love this recipe:  I don't have to use my brain to make it.  I dirty up one bowl.  No cooking involved.  No side dishes needed.  No measuring.  Seems healthy-ish.  And very adaptable to your likes.

Turkey Caesar Pitas

- Romaine lettuce, cut smallish
- tomatoes, diced
- deli shaved turkey, chopped
- Caesar salad dressing
- Parmesan cheese or shredded cheese, optional
- pita pocket bread

In a bowl, add lettuce, tomato, and turkey. Toss with salad dressing until well coated. I like the dressing a bit heavier than a normal salad. I just think it goes better with the bread. Sprinkle in some cheese if you like. Then put mixture into a pita pocket. I mean really stuff it in there, too. This is dinner, remember.

That's it! Salad you can eat with your hands, basically.

Or maybe it is a way to trick my kids into eating salad.  Hmmm.

Some ways I vary it up: add more meat to my husband's pita, left over grilled chicken chopped up, shredded carrots, warm the pitas first, and I like slices of sharp white cheddar cheese for a treat. My kids have learned to like this recipe. For them, I throw some extra shreds of cheese in theirs and I don't fill them up as much.

It is practically a given that we will have this for dinner if it is a t-ball or soccer night.
This recipe is perfect for busy nights all year long- soccer practices, swimming lessons, school activities...or maybe you just want to get in and out of the kitchen and enjoy family time together.

Hey, did you just put this on your menu for next week?   We will have it again on Tuesday...double t-ball night!

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