Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My kids were actually begging me for crafts this week. They caught me off guard and I had nothin.

Usually, I am begging them do do a craft. Seriously. And at that point, I am just talking about cutting up some scraps of paper or fabric or whatever and glueing it to something- more paper, more fabric, or whatever. So simple. Just something that they can do to channel their tired energy into their eyes and hands and brains. But of course when they said, "Can we do a craft?" I immediately said "Suuuure". I was trying to come up with something before I finished the word!

I said who wants to make friendship bracelets?! I got one taker. Nicholas, my oldest. He is 6.

I have been seeing these bracelets on blogs, so I suppose they are making a comeback, but I haven't seen any one wearing them around here. (Maybe I don't mingle with the right people.) But still, I grabbed what few colors of embroidery floss I had and started hyping up this friendship bracelet craft to my son.
He really was excited. I even did the first row to get him started. (I remember that was the trickiest part.) It all came back to me. knotting. keeping the colors organized. we used to pin them to our jeans to make them...I opted for a pillow.
Good thing. Because he got this far.
It will probably stay like this for the rest of the summer...unless I pick it up and get addicted to the mindless knotting...quite therapeutic, too.

I found this tutorial for making them...which I don't need, because I already know/remember how to make them from a zillion years ago! OK. Except that fancy one with the pink diamonds I have no clue how to make that one.

Source:  Cut Out and Keep

***OH, and I did finish the curtains.  Can't wait to show you.  I started measuring for the new slipcover for the ottoman, too.  It is a lot of fabric to spread out and cut so I am waiting for a non t-ball night or weekend...

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