Monday, July 18, 2011

DIY Curtains- Part 1 Living Room Lightning Fast Redo

Lookie what I made this weekend...New curtains!

These curtains are not only new, they are the only curtains these windows have ever seen! (I can hear you gasping from here. So, I am a bit noncommittal about some things, ok?) We lived here for three years (already!) and I never even considered putting up a single curtain, until now. And all I can say is: "What was I waiting for?!" I think it dramatically improved the look of the room.

This is just the start of my living room color redo. Basically before yesterday, our living room was just plain. Beige-ish. Unless you count the dark "wood" (from Ikea) furniture or the colorful toys that scatter the room. Which I don't. The room was really, um, yuk to be honest.

But this BLUE...OH how I LOVE this BLUE!!! What was I so afraid of?! A little color is really fresh and grown up.
I still have to make the set of curtains for the other window. I hope to do those tonight. Then I will share how I made them. Basically, I added some length to a store-bought panel. I needed a curtain that was approx 105" and I couldn't find any (reasonably priced and immediately available, that is). I searched for fabric and never really found any that I was in love with. I was just about to settle on a green print when I saw this blue and white paisley shower curtain at Target. That's when my ideas took off. And when I scoured my favorite craft blogs to get ideas that were already tried and true. This will take several nights and maybe even weekends to finish, as that is the only time I can manage to squeeze out of this summer to make anything. But I am going for QUICK not cheap on this redo. I need a fast turnaround! And judging from my progress on Saturday goal looks promising. Stitched up two panels and hung them in probably the same amount of time it took to hang the curtain rods!

I also plan to make a new slipcover for my ottoman...some new throw pillow covers...and a wall hanging. I can't wait!

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