Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Part 2 Living Room Redo- Ottoman Slipcover

I wanted to show you the progress I am making on my Lightning Fast Living Room Redo.  Ok, yes, I hear what you are saying about "lightning fast" and how I am dragging this project on for weeks.  I guess it is all relative.

I suppose my overall project is not lightning fast.  Not even plain fast.  BUT the individual projects, within my big project, are really, REALLY fast.  Like lightning.  Almost.

The curtains...30 min per panel.  FAST.

The ottoman slipcover...maybe a couple of hours or more due to my terribly misshapen ottoman.  The easy part was the hard part and the hard part was a cinch.

The hard part, I am referring to is the box pleated skirt I added to the bottom.  A pleat on each corner.  The easy part was sewing the "box" to slip over the top.  But my ottoman is more like a blob than a box.

And though I REALLY (really, really, really) wanted to convert my ottoman into a storage ottoman, using this tutorial at Running with Scissors.  I reminded myself that I am going for a QUICK Living Room Redo here.  Besides, if I did make this one, I would find one or more of my children inside and the fabric on the bottom ripped off.  But Oh, how I wanted to make this.  I even had my husband on board to help before I came to my senses.

Maybe next redo.

But now I am going to make some new throw pillow covers.  I have some ideas.  

No ideas for the mantle though.  Suggestions?  I should take down the wedding photo, huh?  It has been 8 yrs since that day.  Seriously...I am not good about knicknacks.  I don't really like them, but I realize I might need some.  Tell me...I can take it. : )

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