Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Ideas for Kids: Weather Crafts

Weather Watching!
Even though it is summer, I still like to keep my kids learning. They made such great progress last year in school, especially near the end of the school year, and I would hate to see them lose any of it. So I am really trying to entice them into learning and reading by using topics they are interested in at the present moment.

Last week was My kids are fascinated with weather.  Maybe that is because we have such big weather in OK. Big winds, big hail, big tornadoes, big rain, and big hot sun!
The website I was using is called Fun4Kids. She had book suggestions and crafts. It is wonderful!

We made the cloud craft with the cotton balls...except we used paper plates and I didn't have cotton balls. We used polyester stuffing because I had tons of it.

The kids loved the craft. Plenty of gluing going on!

Today we are visiting family out of state.  We have spent the last three days in the car so the kids are outside running around.  It is great to stay put for a few days, at least!  I will post again on Wednesday and show you what we are up to!

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