Thursday, June 9, 2011

Father's Day Grill Towel- Red with Monogram

Here is a real simple style. Just a man's monogram.
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This is another variation of the Father's Day Grill Towel Tutorial.

I basically made my own iron-on patch and appliqued a B on it.  And I didn't add a grommet to the towel because it already had a hanging loop on one of the corners.  Very convenient!

How I made this one:
  • towel is from the dollar store and it already had a twill tape "hook" on the corner so I did not add a grommet on this one  {see pic below}
  • black fabric cut into this shape and I put HeatNBond on the back (kinda made my own patch)
  • small double fold white bias tape sewn around raw edge
  • the "B" was cut from an old t-shirt and adhered to the black with HeatNBond
  • hand stitched red embroidery floss around edge of the "B" (oh so carefully) 
  • ironed on whole "patch" and then topstitched around the white bias tape
  • bobbin thread was red to match towel
Towels here came from dollar store.  They already had this loop on the corner- perfect for hanging on the grill!

You know, you could even use this same concept and make Dad a golf towel or sports/gym towel.  Just a thought...

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