Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Random "Mish-Moshy" Christmas Tree

Before I get started about my tree decorations... I thought I would share this Shabby Apple dress giveaway over at Pitter and Glink.  Their dresses are stylish and stunning!  Go over and might win the dress!
Now, on to the tree...

I am always interested in how other people decorate their Christmas tree.

Pretty and Formal?
Pretty and Handmade?
Pretty and Kidmade?
Pretty and Color-themed?
Pretty and Mish-moshy?

That last one is ours...Mish-moshy.  Like how I threw "pretty" in there to make everyone feel good about their trees?  It IS Christmas...

We once had a pretty red and gold tree.  You know the kind- white lights only.  Every branch balanced.  Obviously this was before we had kids!

For many, if not all, of the last seven years, we did not even decorate the last foot or so of the tree because babies don't mix well with Christmas ornaments!  This year, we were clear to decorate every square inch of the tree.  And we had three little helpers to accomplish that!  

Our ornaments fall into a four basic categories:  Made by a kid, From someplace we have been, Things we like, and Fillers (plain ball ornaments to fill the "holes" in the tree and usually hold no significant meaning).

These hold lots of meaning...Have a look!

Yes, pretty random.  But we did visit this crater- it's in Arizona.

Denali National Park, Alaska
"Hang Ten, Santa!"
Key West, Florida.  
The cross-eyed reindeer and Angel without facial features would fall in the "kidmade" category.

Another Beautiful kidmade (well, the kid made the drawing, an adult did the rest) ornament.  Nothing says Christmas like a GI Joe battle scene.
My husband is a North Carolina basketball fan.
We never miss a "Charlie Brown Christmas" special on TV!


  1. Love your kids' art ornaments, Kate! This would sure capture my our year old right now! I extended you the Liebster Blog Award- get details at my post: Hope you have a great week and a Merry Christmas! Sky

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