Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{Bucket List}:: #29 Bottle Cap Magnets - Done!

29. Bottle Cap Magnets {@ Let Birdz Fly}

Finally, finally, finally made these.  And then get this- I dropped them on the tile floor and the magnets popped off the bottle caps and I had to re-glue them.  

I used hot glue and the tutorial suggested hot glue or Mod Podge Dimensional.  Which, I think she used.  I can't find it around here.  I look every time I am at the Hobby Lobby, too.  

But these would have made a really cute Christmas present!  If only I would have thought of it sooner.  Besides, I can't say, "here ya go and don't drop them on the floor or they will just be regular bottle caps again."    

Or can I?

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  1. I was finding more stuff yesterday and luckily found it from-: Magnets For Bottle Caps

  2. I also use this Megnets bottle caps for do many creative thing. these are also amazing.

  3. Thanks for commenting Jenifer! And thanks for the link to a great supply source for these bottle caps, too!


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