Friday, December 9, 2011

{Friday Five} :: Our Christmas Traditions

I have read a few blogs this week that talked about their Christmas traditions.  This is something that I have really tried to create and stick with the past few years.  My oldest is now seven and he, out of the three kids, will *get* the Christmas traditions the most.  They will stick with him and he will look forward to them next year.  

1.  Appetizers for dinner on Christmas Eve.  
This stemmed from my family attending Christmas Eve(ning) and even midnight mass when I was growing up.  We were always rushing around getting ready for church (with four girls in the house, there was always lots of "getting ready")- which didn't leave much time for dinner.  So we snacked and grazed before mass.  THEN, we would pull everything out again when we got home!

2.  French Toast Casserole for Christmas Day breakfast.
It's one of those assemble-the-night-before-and-refrigerate deals.  Plus, in the morning it has to sit on the counter for 30 min and then bake for almost an hour and then cool.  Plenty of time to open presents before breakfast!

3.  Manicotti for Christmas Day dinner.
I make it ahead of time and put it in the fridge.  Then I pop it in the oven.  Again, easy yet belly-fillling.

4.  My husband reads The Night Before Christmas to the kids on Christmas Eve.
No sooner.  

5.  We spend Christmas here.  
The whole day.  At our home- wherever that may be.  It is fun and cozy and we stay in our jammies most of the day.  Until it is manicotti time.  

Now look at that!  I am getting less grinchy and more excited for December 25th!  My husband will be happy...he is Mr. Christmas around here.

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