Friday, December 2, 2011

{The Friday 5}:: What I Wish I was making right now

Oh how I wish I had a few hours free to make something.  Anything.  I would prefer to make something for Christmas (obviously)!  Instead, I am drooling over these ideas I found.  Most of them I have already made in my head. 

1.  The most gorgeous Ribbon Wreath, from

2.  This darling “Gift Wrap Garland Christmas Tree”, from Sew Woodsy

3.  A burlap Banner, from Story Crafting with Joy.
(I like this so much, I would probably make mine a giant-size!)

4.  Felt Flowers (galore!), from Craftiness is Not Optional
In my mind, I have already made about 4 dozen of these.

And again, in my head, I have already made these and eaten 3.  

Happy Crafting!  

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