Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Front Door is My Fridge

Since I am super lame-o and do not know how to make a wreath (or anything cutesie to put on my front door) I have this.
Yes. I put the fate of my front door decor in my children's hands. Am I crazy or lazy! Ha!

It all started in February...
I bought a pack of heart-shaped foam hearts for my kids to craft with. Then I drew a blank on what do DO with them. Uh..and...nothin.

I taught them how to use "real" glitter (opposed to glitter glue which they lu-huv!) Then I just had a stack of glittered foam shapes and still no ideas.

Then I came up with this:


So now we have this:

Now, all the world (or maybe just the neighborhood) can see some "fridge-worthy" crafts that my kids made. I realize this is not for everyone, but I like it. I get to show off my kids' artwork in another place- in addition to their art gallery on my fridge!

Do you need to know how I made them? Seriously? Decorate the foam shapes. Glue ribbon to the backs.

When they are dry, attach ribbon to the top of your door with a flat thumbtack. Genius, I know.

Happy Spring!

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